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  • Tim,

    How much would it cost for a cue made with John's blank, with two shafts and phenolic joint? Also, if you have a place where you have your prices listed already, you could give me that instead. Thanks.

    Daris L. Cotton
    Looking for 60 in wrapless with no inlays and nice ring work full splice. I would like birds eye and Cocobolo with 3 veneers. 18 oz.
    tim, i'd like to get an estimate to install dots and diamond into prong and butt sleeve.
    can i give you a call?
    post or send telephone and days/hours that line is open.
    thank you.
    DearTim, I have a "butterfly butt" aka dymondwood dowel that I would like made into a cue butt, and a jacoby edge shaft, 3/8-10 joint that you had turned down to 11.75mm. is this something you could do? also, if I provide the buffalo horn can you make the butt cap, and joint collars? if so, can I get a ball park on cost?

    Thank you,
    Dean Carr
    Dear Tim,
    Thank you very much for the begin of a (I hope) long lasting frienship!
    All and only the best to you and your family.
    KR your Swiss friend, Roberto (Al Capool)
    Bryan Bach is a friend of mine and he says you do great work, so I'm sending a darrin hill with him tonight and hope it finds its way to you quickly as getting a stacked leather wrap put on it has taken longer than expected (about 3 weeks in the making). Could you let me know the price and time on it might be? I would like a dark brown and black wrap, (unless you or bryan find something might look better, I'll go with whatever just keep it pretty :). if you wouldn't mind calling me, since i can't find your number, the number is 815 980 7512 my name is joe thanks in advance!
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