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  • Yo. Text or call me sometime. I got a new phone and lost your number. Gotta catch up sometime. Hope all is well with the wife and son.
    This wouldn't happen to be Carl that used to play at Aiae Cue is it? My name is Eric, used to play with a ex Navy guy named Carl. If it is, Aloha from Kandahar. Hope all is well.
    I actually left my phone in MO. Call my phone and it's forwarded to my wife's. I don't have your number written down anywhere. Hope everything's good with you.
    glad to help you with anything I can. I have awalys tried everything new that comes the past 25 years, just to experience and learn about what ever is new. I have learned alot and I still enjoy trying what ever is new,

    for example the new Aramith Tournemnt Balls are GREAT!!!!, first time I ever saw balls I liked better than Centennnials, if I hadnt tried them I wouldnt know. Thats part of the fun of poool for me-is new thngs.

    The only thing I ignore is shaft cleasners, conditioners or abrasives etc. they are all useless,

    Aloha. He doesn't sound familiar. Do you know where he played at? Not many places to play on Oahu. Take care.
    Hello. I have a regular player that moved back to NJ from Oahu. His name is Ron Lubas. Do you know him? What is your name sir?
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