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    R.I.P another Gambling legend.

    Word here in Houston in the poker scene is that Legendary Poker and pool gambler Fly Boy Jimmy Spears has moved on this morning. Always fun to be around and definitely kept the chips moving no matter what he was gambling at. Rest In peace bud.
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    Flagstaff Arizona...

    I did every google search on the planet and it seems pool doesn't exist there.Ill be there for 2 weeks starting Friday .I will probably go to Phoenix once or twice but won't have a lot of time to go out there much.Is there anywhere to play tas far as Flagstaff Goes?If so Thanks in advance.
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    Mosconi cup points events 2017?

    If anybody has information on Points events for 2017 could post them here as you get them.Thanks in advance.
  4. P top story Front page of azbilliards.How to play roulette..Im lost.
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    Your ideal tournament destination and format?

    If you were to attend a tournament every year like the APA or CSI in Las Vegas, what would be your ideal destination and tournament format?More so asking the recreational guys and league players.We all know the top guys will go to the moon if the price is right.What would you consider an...
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    The Hustlers need your help!!!!!!!!!!

    Its never over...If u like the show or have an interest in more shows like this in the future now is a great time to show support.Even if u have seen the episode in the on the link, like it and leave a comment for Trutv to see..You as pool fans deserve another run.what better way to...
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    Mosconi Cup Team USA 2014

    Was just curious who are the 10 or 12 canidates..Was talking with Double J earlier and we figured to pin point about 6 of them and of course SVB..Yall keep me informed..I'm interested so I can figure out how to get my bets in early..ha ha
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    Own a slice of Las Vegas History(Andrew Cleary)

    As u may recall back in July our very own forum sponsored an up and coming young player from New York in the U.S. Open 10 ball championships in Las Vegas, Nevada.Well if any of u may recall Young Andrew Cleary's pitiful performance, u would know that he probably wont get staked...
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    Grudge Match # 2

    Chris Bartram and Fabulous Lady Friend vs Gene Albrecht and Up and coming killer lady friend .**I will donate 100 to the winner..lets go.. ** I will be asking Chris for a refund of some sort when this is over
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    Andrew Cleary Az U.S Open

    Does anybody have an update on As forums very own Staked 10 ball player.I'm curiouse to see how he is doing.
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    Thank U Diamond Billiard products..

    Today I go to the mail box and there is a envelope addressed to me from Diamond Billiard Products..I open it and there is a piece of paper in it that reads "This was turned in to the office" ..ha ha and there is my Tx drivers license I have been searching for ever since Tunica..Thank u for...
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    Texas jr Nine ball champion

    I wanna take some time out from all the bonus ball threads to say congratulations to Joey Bourgeois Jr for snapping off the Jr nine ball championships in TX..He works hard and His father makes sure he maintains good academics to continue to play.He deserves it.He is also from Baytown,TX..If u...
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    Dallas area pool scene

    Where is the spot to play in Dallas these days?Will be in Dallas this evening if anybody is looking to play some.Cheap or expensive.Just looking to get something going.I would have posted this in the action room but not everyone can see that.Thanks
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    Jeremy Jones vs???(Bigtruck)

    Jeremy would like to fly in and play somebody the week of white diamonds. Bigtruck I see u are trying to get some things going at Emeralds.Let me know if there is any offers for Jeremy to play one pocket matches with anybody. Shuff..Shane..whoever.Just let me know the offers and I will pass the...
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    In the case of: John Barton vs az

    That other thread got closed and I felt like letting y'all argue over here. Ha ha no really. JB asked me to play on here if I made it to Valley forge last year and he had no problem honoring that.We played in his Booth when he had time and then we played on the bar table.I don't see him dodging...