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    ***Entire Cue Shop FOR SALE***

    Several months ago I listed my entire cue shop for sale. Due to a turn of events that was unseen at that time I am now a little more motivated to sell this equipment. That said, I will not be giving it away, however if there is someone who has made a decision to start building cues, or would...
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    Cue Shop For Sale

    Some more items...
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    Cue Shop For Sale

    Here's some pictures of the items I have for sale...
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    Cue Shop For Sale

    I'm currently on the road driving and don't have much time to devote to building cues, so I've decided to put my equipment up for sale. ***Please Read This Carefully*** I will not part with this piece by piece. So don't bother asking me to sell you my Clausing 5914 with DRO, as I won't split it...
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    Brand new Bob Runde 2016 R-12

    A few of you that know me, know the story of my love affair with cues. For the rest of you, I purchased my first custom cue in 1985 from Bob Runde at Schon. I ordered an R-12. Little did I know in '85, that Mr. Runde and I would be teammates in 2006, and win the KPBL (Kenosha Pocket Billiard...
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    ***WTB Westinghouse Yellow Micarta***

    As the title says, I'm looking to buy some of the old Westinghouse Micarta for a special project I have in the works. One of my former teammates and world reknown cuemaker has agreed to make me (basically) somewhat of a copy of a cue I ordered from him back in 1985, and due to my ex-wife...
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    Esoteric w/John Davis blank

    Hey Folks, I'm going to raffle off an Esoteric cue that I designed and helped Rick build. We started with a John Davis blank 4pt cocobolo with 4 veneers (Titleist) into curly maple. The cue has a black leather wrap and alternating oval and razor inlays in the buttsleeve with 2 notched diamonds...
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    ***Take A Look...And Guess Who Made It? ***

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    ***Brunswick 8' Pool Table For Sale***

    I'm listing this Brunswick 8' pool table for a good friend of mine. He recently moved to Florida, and with too much fun in the sun, he has decided to part ways with his beloved table. I've played on this table many, many times and it plays good. He also has the table listed in a different...
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    ***Honduran Rosewood Burl F/S***

    No longer available for sale... Sorry! Middle #1 1 7/8" squared, 14 1/4" long #2 1 1/2" squared, 12" long
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    ***Big Schick Tuxedo F/S***

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    **Tascarella 4pt Ebony Hoppe FS**

    I've decided to start a new thread to sell the 4pt ebony Hoppe Tascarella I have. The cue is in pristine condition, no dings or dents. One shaft is still new and unplayed. The cue has an ivory joint over steel, 2 shafts with ivory ferrules, and elephant wrap, with an ivory Hoppe ring. The cue...
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    ***Tascarella 4pt Ebony Hoppe FS***

    Up for your consideration I have a beautiful Tascarella 4pt ebony Hoppe with 4 veneers, black, blue, light blue, white. It has 2 shafts (one unchalked) with ivory ferrules, ivory joint, ivory Hoppe ring, genuine elephant wrap. This cue is in great shape, no nicks or dings whatsoever. The only...
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    ***Lambros BEM Merry Widow For Sale***

    Up for sale I have a Mike Lambros cue I bought a few months ago from Martin of Superior Cues. Other than one of the shafts having been played, the cue is in like new condition. There are no nicks or dings whatsoever in the butt of this cue. Sadly I must admit, due to my job and my much longer...
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    ***Orphans Needs Help***

    I have a friend of mine who plays in the North Shore Pool League in Waukegan, Il who owns a chimney business who would like to help some orphans in our area. I've been told there is an orphanage in LaGrange, Il and another around the Decatur area. Point being, he would like to be able to supply...