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    2019 Kersenbrock

    Um, yeah...that'll work! Congrats Rod, that's a beauty...
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    Lying Laurie Franklin of SW cues

    I admit, I came into this thread on page 3, and I haven't been on AZB for quite a long time. However, I will chime in on the SW discussion. To the gentlemen who said SW cues play like crap, I'd like to say you're an idiot, but because I don't know you personally, I'll just say you have zero clue...
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    Jb Rugged 4x8 review

    [B] Well I lasted for two pages and had to skip to the last page. This has gotten ridiculous. Calling John names is totally uncalled for. I haven't always agreed with John's opinions, but one thing no one can dispute is the quality of his cases, and his level of customer service. I have owned...
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    Micarta ferrule needed

    I've got a few original Micarta ferrules. The real deal! They're harder to find them hen's teeth...
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    Boxed ~ by Joel Hercek

    Oh Hell Yes... Another beauty from Joel. Congratulations Troy, well done Sir...
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    ***Entire Cue Shop FOR SALE***

    The Clausing 5914 had just had a taper bar attachment installed to make it easier to do wraps grooves.
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    ***Entire Cue Shop FOR SALE***

    Several months ago I listed my entire cue shop for sale. Due to a turn of events that was unseen at that time I am now a little more motivated to sell this equipment. That said, I will not be giving it away, however if there is someone who has made a decision to start building cues, or would...
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    Mike used to make his own LD shafts, but I think he's stopped production of these shafts. Your best bet is to try and find one that Mike made for his cues. That will provide you with the best performance.
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    Cue Of A Lifetime

    I don't believe it gets much better than this... Congratulations, that is TOP SHELF!!!
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    SouthWest Cue w/custom Protectors & COA

    I'm a fan of the album Rush 2112, hence the $2112 offer...LOL J/K Good luck with your sale...
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    Cue Shop For Sale

    I was parked out of the way of EVERYBODY... And apparently this guy got his CDL from the inside of a Kracker Jack box. No, sorry I don't have any spalted wood...
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    Cue Shop For Sale

    If you've talked to me about this cue shop, and you're still in the market you may want to revisit this. Unfortunately for me, lucky for you, I was hit by a semi truck in a truck stop parking lot and sustained some rather serious injuries. This has motivated me a little more to move this...
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    Cue Shop For Sale

    The entire shop is available as I'm not partying this out. It's an all our nothing purchase. Sorry for the late response, but I just got home from the hospital. I was hit by a semi tractor- trailer in a parking lot 10 hours away from my home. NOT FUN! It's best if you call me with any questions...
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    Cue Shop For Sale

    email sent...
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    Cue Shop For Sale

    Schmelke? What was he supposed to have made that would concern me? I've made my own cues, but if they started with a full splice blank, they would've been John Davis blanks, no one else's.