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  • Hey rackrunner could you have your friend send some pics of that cue we talked about. My email is rtwinne@yahoo.com. Is he a member on AZ forums?
    hi rackrunner,

    heard that you have few cues to sell.
    Just wondering if you have the JW cue in hand.
    "the silver leaf" $3500
    ANd i'm new to AzBilliards forums, payment terms need to know.
    I'm in China. Paypal or t/t payment would ok for me.
    Thanks in advance.
    Best Regards,
    Check out my new post titled 'Pool League Software Needed'. I'll bet we get some good ideas.
    P.S. Still kicking myself...you were absolutely right, I should have shot the 2 balls next to the 8-ball first...it's all sooooo clear to me now.
    hey terry, i played you in beloit at the carom room and talked to you about my omega. I'd like to trade/sell it contrary to your advise :) Any interest in it at all? I'd like more to trade than sell it as I don't think I'd get what i want for it in cash in this market. I posted a thread on it earlier tonight. let me know what you think when you get back from the sbe, I figure thats where you're at right now. maybe not... Either way, hear from you soon!

    I am looking for another instroke case, about the same as i got the last night, but this one would be for a boy. I am looking for something that is kinda plain and simple, not to bedazzled :)

    Happy Presidents day!
    Just a note to say hello, Terry. Hope all is going well with your back recovery, business, etc. My very best to you & yours.
    Your friend,
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