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  • Noticed that you are currently tied for tenth in the OBCues Tour. Excellent and I hope that you are able to string together some triple point finishes to catch players who are consistently win, place or show.
    Are you doing the Ultimate 10 Ball Championship Qualifier??? Also, I could not make heads or tails of the schedule for the OBCues Tour on their website. Can you post at your leisure the schedule for the tour so that I know where the stops are???
    I'm super jealous.
    I'll just ditto blackboarowners's message.

    Be Careful & one other thing...Be Careful. Did I just say that? Well anyway...Be Careful!
    Don't listen to people that knock you on here. They are jealous that they are trapped in life situations that they created or don't have the courage to chase their dreams. Remember not to TRY... DO it. Don't leave any room for excuses and doubts. Be careful on the road. You are going to have to frequent seedy places with shady people. If the voice inside you indicates danger - LISTEN!!! Trust your instincts. I will follow your story and say a little prayer for you from time to time. Don't forget who sent you your first friend request here on AZ when you make it big and go PRO.
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