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    Ready and willing to gamble with anybody!

    Well almost ready, The last time I played was at running out billiards in Dundalk , I played Gary Abood a race to 5 for 2500, I was getting 9-7, Gary won 5-4 this was august of 2011. I HAVE NOT HIT 1 BALL ON 9FT TABLE SINCE., so I will need two weeks of practice. I will be playing at TOP HAT...
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    Going from a 7 ft table to a 9ft table!

    Why is it much harder to go from an 7ft table on to a 9ft table? Why is it easier to go from a 9ft table to a 7ft table? I think I know the correct answer, but I would like to see what the rest of my Brothers and sisters here at AZ think! I know probably one of the most stupidest thread ever...
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    Tommy Kennedy.

    Tommy is the BEST underrated pool player to ever play the game! He beat some great players back when Tommy would gamble, its been some time ago, I know he does not gamble anymore. As we all know there is not a nicer or more happier pool player in the world then Tommy! Oh yea I almost forgot...
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    Bobby Legg.

    Bobby came to Baltimore in the early 90s, and he stayed for about 20 years. Bobby and Cigar Tom had a lot of battles through those years of playing even 9 ball, and I seen every one of them, they were always very close sets when these two played. They had total different styles, Bobby was a...
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    Jimmy Marino.

    I just got off the phone with Pittsburgh Mike Kasaris, he was telling me that Jimmy is not doing very well, he is in a wheelchair. Washington, pa, Had two great players that came out of there! I hope the best for Jimmy, I would think Jimmy has to be around 70. Jimmy was a great 9ball player!
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    Ronnie Alan.

    I know that Ronnies 1 pocket game was Awesom, how about Ronnies 9 ball game? Did Ronnie win any big 9 ball tournaments, iam asking this cause I don't know, nothing else! Ronnie is one of my all time favorite pool players! Ps I hope I didn't spell his last name wrong.
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    New pool room in allentown pa?

    Our pool room that closed down in Dundalk, Baltimore, I just heard all of our pool tables were sold to a pool room in Allentown pa. PS Allentown, when you see table 1, that table had more champions playing on it through the 70s 80s 90s, treat it with much respect,. That table belong to 10 time...
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    Jimmy Fusco vs Allen Hopkins.

    I know that Jimmy has a few years on Allen, Jimmy mid 70s, Hopkins 60s? Two great 1 pocket players here, I would assume somewhere along the line these two great players had to match up playing 1 pocket? Does anyone know if they ever did match up. If the match did happen, I would of bet on...
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    Pittsburgh Mike Kasaris.

    Mike and I are very good friends, I have not spoken to Mike in at lease 2 or more years, of course I lost his contact number. I hope my friend is doing fine where ever he may be. The last I did talk to Mike he was back living in his home town (Washington, pa) Mike is getting up there in age...
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    Another Earl thread. 14.1.

    408 all i can say is WOW! Out of all the best 14.1 players of all time, i would have to believe not many have ran more then Earls number! What kind of pool player can run 408 balls playing 14.1 and its not even his best game? I know who, the best player ever, MR. EARL STRICKLAND! I think it...
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    1983 World 14.1 open New York City Aug 13-20.

    64 Players. 1st Steve Mizerak 10000 2nd Jimmy Fusco 5000 3rd Grady Mattews 2000 4th Ray Martin 2000 5-6 Jim Rempe, Mike Sigel 1500 7-8 Allen Hopkins, Dallas West 1000 9-12 Tom Vanover, Tom Ruocco, Bjorn Lorange 750. My Question is, Who is Tom Ruocco and Bjorn Lorange and where were they from...
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    1983 World 14.1 open, New York City, Aug 13-20

    64 Player field. 1st. Steve Mizerak 10000. 2nd Jimmy fusco 5000 3rd Grady Mattews 2000 4th Ray Martin 2000 5-6 Jim Rempe, Mike Sigel 1500 7-8 Allen Hopkins, Dallas West 1000 9-12 Cigar Tom Vanover, Tom Ruocco, Bjorn Lorange 750. I posted this with the 200 plus ball runners in mind, just maybe...
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    US open had some great matches!

    The last 2 days of the open had some tremendious matches, Tommy k and Keith B, Played their hearts out, lots of great matches, i enjoyed the open again this year from my computer and i hope everything goes good after the last 9 ball drops!
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    Just maybe the can make a come back?

    If everything goes smooth with players getting paid what they win on time and vendors and spectators arrive home happy, then just maybe the US.OPEN will return to normal next year! Iam one that is hopeing everything goes right this year, so the US.OPEN can return to what it once was! The best...
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    M.Webb over L.Nevel, 11-4 WOW!

    Here is the first big upset of this years M.Weeb 11 L.Nevel 4 Wow is all i can say! Go get-em Girl, i know who iam rooting for now!