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    US Open 9-ball updates thread..

    Shane is out.
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Is this one of the Hanson brothers?
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    What would you do here?

    I'm another one for less cue movement. After stopping the cue shooting the 6, then back to C for the 7, with follow on the cue to leave it on the C-side of the 8.
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    New Table Arriving next week ... But

    Nice looking table and a nice room there too. Congrats, and enjoy!
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    Shot clock in pool

    I watched Luc Salvas up at Turning Stone a year or two ago. He was playing Jennifer Barretta at the time and I was amazed at how fast he shot. Contrast that with how Jennifer plays. Luc would make a shot, and then move to a different place beside the table, and wait for the cue ball to get...
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    This is killing me, exactly what I want, and I'm only about a hundred miles north of you, except for the fact that it's a 9 footer. UGH!!! We just moved into a new house and I have space earmarked for a table, but only a 7 footer will work there. Fantastic deal for whoever gets it. Good luck...
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    Questions about league franchises

    I know that NAPA offers franchise opportunities. A buddy of mine bought the franchise for the county where we used to play, and for another county as well. He had plans to open up some leagues in our area, but this was a bit before COVID hit. For the past year now league pool has been...
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    Womens Fashion and Pool

    Thanks for mentioning this.......I had no idea until I clicked over and checked it out. (y)(y)
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    New Diamond Furniture Model Table Being Assembled Today

    Thats a great looking room, and I also love the updates and progress tracking.
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    General rules question

    Seems like that rule says that the FIRST contact is with the frozen ball, but the OP asked about the frozen ball being the second contact. Makes much sense being the first ball, but not sure how it is ruled when the frozen ball is the second contact.
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    Rubbing the cue ball on the rail

    I do it when there are lots of little spots on the cue ball from chalk. Using my hand to spin the cue against the rail wipes them all off and the cue looks much cleaner just before I break. That's why I do it.
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Good one! Had to take the time to figure it out.........not that easy either.
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    Help, cue shaft too skinny / what tip

    If you go on eBay (which is where your cue came from originally) and do a search for "5/16x18 shaft" (you can copy and paste that if it's easier) you'll get options that range from less than $30, to over $500 for the carbon fiber shafts. Read the descriptions for the size of the tip and the...
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    Cost of a pool table

    I'm learning a lot from this thread. My plan is to get a table once I move into a new place, and there is a lot of info here on WHY a GC or a diamond is better. Keep up the discussion guys!
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    How do you "cinch" a ball?

    Admittedly, I'm only playing a few years now, and still find lots to learn. That said, a guy that I played with a year or so ago once told me that it would be wise to hit the 8-ball hard enough to make sure a miss wasn't going to leave it sitting right in front of the pocket. I hit many of...