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    Coming together for a forum member having a rough time

    Though we haven't spoken in a few years , Sev , I considered you a good friend on here . I'm sorry to hear of Brenda's passing , and of all the other hits you have taken in the past year . I actually remember that we started talking on here soon after your father's passing , and of the...
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    PLACES TO PLAY 18-21 in/near JAMESTOWN , ND?

    Have a female friend whose staying in Jamestown for a while. She's 20 years old, so she can't get into bars. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanx, R9
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    FuriousInTexas needs to identify himself for his apology to be meaningful

    After posting a now 15 page long thread FALSELY ACCUSING James Walden of stealing his money and being a drug addict, FuriousInTexas continues to hide behind the anonimity of his screen name. Now, I'm all for screen names, and protecting your anonymity on the internet. . . . . UNTIL you hide...
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    In Praise of Realkingcobra . . . .

    In another thread , u12armresl jumped RKC and made the challenge : "If you are so good , let others start threads and speak to your work" So I will ! Not only is Glen a great table mechanic , but he's a super nice guy , more than willing to share his years of knowledge and experience with...