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  • Oh I know, I just picked it. I didn't want to make it obvious at the time that it was me. He is a suspicious person and back when I created the account I didn't want him to know it was me. I live in the Tampa area.
    Slide takes care of NPR...I got main forum rights.
    ..and thanx for taking my 'happy thread response the right way...couldn't help it...:)
    LOL...I didn't know what you were talking about..Then after a few minutes i realized what you were saying...I am not into the points..I just like gining good people a thank u for theirs...Thank you
    seriously, this guy was banned before and use to be the "wheeling kid". What is his problem? I would guess he is some high school drop out, about 22 years old, still living at home and thinking he has the answers to the problems of the world,yet still sleeping in the basement! Why was he banned ? Being obnoxious or stupid, or a little of both>
    Just recently found out I see can rep messages.. heh. And it only took umm.. years. Drambuie.. not sure what it is.. sounds cajun. Food's my 2nd favorite thing. Come on up to Portland and we'll play some bank pool, cuz I know I can't hang with a lot of folks in anything else. :p
    Thank you for the rep. You are correct that the BCA did give us a good solid set of rules. The problem is, the number of players who are familiar with BCA rules is far less than those who know APA rules. And while I prefer BCA rules, at least if I play in a tournament and they say it's APA rules, I know exactly what I'm dealing with.
    Thanks for the Rep..Hope you also had a great holiday. I had a great one myself watching how happy my family was. Everybody here got what they wanted and that was enough of a gift for me for now. Although it won't hurt in a few weeks when my first custom order comes in :) Take care and good shooting!
    That's the late Popcorn Sutton. He was an East Tennessee moonshiner who committed suicide last year rather than go to prison for failure to pay taxes on liquor sales. Thanks for the rep.
    Thanks for the rep.
    To answer your question: it was the type of pay phone that hangs on the wall. Probably about 20-30 punds.
    Got your note, but not sure how it benefits sandbaggers. Seems that you need to win big to get maximum points. Most sandbaggers I've seen will keep it close and run up innings and just barely win. This would seem to encourage them to play harder.
    its not clinical depression, its circumstantial depression for sure. If I havent went 28months with no income, had 2 business failures etc I wouldnt be depressed at all. where clinical depressed people get it for no reason even when things are running good. Nothing wrong with me a solid income stream wouldnt fix. :) thanks for your REP and concern :)

    I choose to remain silent because I know the odds aren't good on getting the truth out there. I am so bitter inside it hurts to even think of how bad we have been betrayed. I quit my job because he begged me to work for him. Basically, I ran the place. It was me taking care of things while he was at the U.S. Open then he comes back and says he can't afford to pay for employees. The very next day he has a girl working there and now we aren't even allowed in. It breaks my heart that I looked up to him and we would have given him the shirt off our back. Just very disappointed and need a place to play pool. Thank you for asking me instead of writing in the forum.
    Hello, thanks for the rep... i agree with you, double elimination or some other modified format to allow for play would be ideal. I was just using that as an extremely simplistic example to show how much more money could be made.... If players post bigger entry fees, then they can win more and pay their expenses for the event by coming in the top 16 rather than having to place 1st/2nd to recover travel costs and earn a living...
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