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  • Yes I do, but not very often, it is a hobby. But my process is very professional in terms of reproducibility. The whole process takes 6 days. My Milkduds that I produce normally, are a tiny bit harder than the ones from pooldawg, which I consider one of the best playing tips on the market. After installing and one or two hours of playing, you just need to reshape the radius a bit, that's all. The lifetime of these tips is the best that you can get.

    If you like a medium hit, very natural and a clear destinct sound, that's not tinny, the milkduds are one of the best choices. And it holds the chalk very very good, the grip is also better than with most of the multilayered tips.

    Are you located in US or Germany or somewhere else? If you like to continue our conversation, please use my private mail account riedmich@t-online.de, because I'm in the AZ not so often.

    Best regards
    Michael Riedinger
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