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    A challenge to the world.....

    With the covid19 bs in the outside world, I have not been able to play since mid March. I had a 9' GC 3 but unfortunately sold it in February to clear out the garage for storing boxes and furniture in prep for a move. I wont get to play again until we are settled in the new house, hopefully...
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    Ridgeback Rails

    For those who have experience with the Ridgeback "pro" rails, the claim is that they are close to Diamond pockets. How do they compare in geometry, playability etc? How are they in general, playability wise?
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    "The Art of Billiards" :thumbup:
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    Merry Christmas

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    Forum slow?

    Is anyone else experiencing the forum moving slowly the last couple of days with a bunch of timeouts?
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    Political talk on the forum

    This thread is not asking for your thoughts or opinions, simply a yes or no vote. As a matter of fact, it would be best served if people voted and did not comment. The poll is anonymous. Should politics be talked about in the main forum? Yes or no.
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    RIP Dale Pierce aka pdcue

    I have no details, I just found this in the cuemakers forum, and have not seen it mentioned in the main. RIP Dale :frown:
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    BCA Nationals now "World" tournament?

    I mean no disrespect to anyone (BCA/CSI staff or players) with this post, but am having a hard time understanding this one. Maybe someone can explain it to me. Apparently what used to be the "National" BCA league tournament is now being called the "World Championships". I'm seeing players...
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    CJ, Efren and FargoRate

    Fairmatch only shows races to 13 max, but I suspect the 15-11 finish falls pretty close in line to what FargoRate would predict.
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    What is inside of the REVO shaft?

    I found this on another message board. Apparently someone got mad and broke one, so it got dissected to see what was inside. :thumbup:
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    *** OB Cues 120 Sneaky w/5 shafts and Instroke leather 3x5 ***

    Sold! Thanks :thumbup:
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    WBCA Chinook Winds 9 ball

    Anybody headed to Lincoln City this week?
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    Whats in your case...... Players edition.

    Its been a while since there was a 'Whats in the case' thread in the main forum. :thumbup: Heres mine. Schmelke solid bocote playing cue Schmelke bocote sp break cue Poison jumper Some odds and ends in the pockets. Lets see your playing cue outfit!
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    Been a while since a "Whats in the case thread"

    So whats in your case these days? Heres whats in mine.
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    Virtual Pool 4 Online players?

    Any vp4 online players on the forum?