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  • Yea that is the cue I sent to Jason. Wish I had taken better pictures of it but it is what it is. Last I heard he was looking to sell it a few years back. When I heard this I could have cried. The cue hit really well and it was a hard one for me to sell due to what it took to make it and the way it played...
    happy holidays!!!! Shoot straight and have a great 2010!!!!

    Happy Holidays,

    this is your eletronic Christmas card, I'm sending it to all my friends here and other people I dont know(yet), I'm in the Christmas Spreait this year!!! And want to share that gret feeling with my friends and pool player I havent met yet!!! 09 was a brutal year for all of us, so a litle joy now is what the Dr. ordered!!!

    I wish you to have a happy Christmas and a great 2010!!!

    shoot straight, and my best regards

    Eric aka Fatboy
    Thank You for your condolence, I wish all the best for your loved one. I will include your loved one in my prayers. Charlie D
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