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    1996 Seniors tour

    Okay, another Toby story. Toby and I were on a road trip to Boston to play Boston Shorty. We stopped in a well known 24 hour bowling alley with pool tables. Action galore. People betting on duck pin bowling, pool and everything else. We asked for a game. We were directed to this very ominous...
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    1996 Seniors tour

    A couple of quick Toby stories. Toby owned a small room above a bowling alley in Spring Valley N.Y. He would play anyone who came by. Two hispanic road players came in, they arranged a game, ten ahead for a considerable amount of money. We didn't play sets back then, by the game or ahead. They...
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    1996 Seniors tour

    I know Neal and Vinny very well. I will post some great stories. I have a bunch.
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    1996 Seniors tour

    I grew up with Toby and know him over 55 years. We had a few road adventures and I could fill pages with some great stories. Let me know if you would like to hear a few. In his prime he was probably the best push out nine ball player on the planet. Nobody had to beat him. Great money player and...
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    How good was Keith McCready?

    Great stories. I have a couple I'd like to share. Years ago I was playing in a Joss Tour event in Stamford,Conn. I was playing pretty good at the time and I drew Keith. He had about 6 or 7 empty beer bottles lined up by our table. He shouted out to the crowd if he could borrow a stick as he...
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    Have you any good stories about underworld characters you met in Pool Rooms?

    Two foul shootout was a far superior game. I grew up playing it and rarely, if ever, would you see races like today. We played by the game or an ahead set. The better player almost always won. My good friend, Toby Sweet, was considered by many to be the best 2 foul shootout player in the world...