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    Kamikaze ELITE Layered Cue Tips

    The Elite Med Hard or the Black Med play the same hardness as the Kamui Soft for me.
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    PPV-Aramith/Simonis Pro Classic October 6-10-$17,000 Added-One Pocket-10 Ball-8 Ball

    Are you going to be showing one pocket on Sunday? What happened to the 10 ball and 8 ball? That's what I bought the 48 hour pass to watch. I hate one pocket.
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    What’s your most versatile tip choice?

    Hard to beat a Triangle. But I play and break with my playing cue most of the time. Kamikaze Black Medium.
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    Kamikaze ELITE Layered Cue Tips

    I will be at JJ Dakota's tonight playing League, if you want a tip. I am the short guy with a beard, with the fancy cue that can't make a ball.
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    Kamikaze ELITE Layered Cue Tips

    Kamikaze Black Medium tips are my go to tip. I have the Elite tips on my OB Classic shafts just so I can readily see how much tip I have above the black pad. The Elite tips play one step down from the black. I use Elite Med Hard's to get them to play the same as my Black Meds.
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    7 or 8 ft table - What is the preferred table

    I grew up in Texas with the o/s 8' tables. 46" x 92" playing surface. That is what I prefer.
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    Deciding on Tip for Ignite

    I have Kamikaze Black Mediums on my Meucci Carbon Pros.
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    Ring work on carbon fiber shafts

    I only have seen First generation shafts. But I know at least 6 people that play with Meucci CF shafts. I have never heard anything but good reviews. I bought a used 12.75 MM 30" shaft a little over a year ago. It is a pleasure to play with. I have had my new First generation shaft with the...
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    Ring work on carbon fiber shafts

    The picture I posted is a crappy picture sent to me from Meucci to get my approval on the sticker. The shaft on my dark Ebony cue looks fantastic.
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    Ring work on carbon fiber shafts

    I sent my JD Cue custom shaft to Meucci and they matched my joint collar.
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    Mosconi Cup Day Two

    I wish you could of watched. Our Guy's did good. Chris Robinson over cooked the seven and missed shape on the eight. His first Mosconi Cup. Against the World Champion. He won't do that next year. The rest of the matches that were Hill Hill were decided by the Pool Gods. Not in our favor. All in...
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    Mosconi Cup Day Two

    With the number of Hill Hill matches today. I say our Guy's put a much better fight than expected. Considering the strong field they were up against.
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    What Are YOUR Favorites?

    9-Ball 8-Ball Singles Matches/Any League Rules O/S Eight Foot Tables
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    DCC Banks Ring Game

    What happened in the Bank Ring Game? Skyler broke the balls. I went to make a drink. And when I came back Sky was putting on his coat. Did he bank out or did they split the pot?
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    9-Ball Championship

    So with the name changes, what about the winners list. Which tournament will it continue on? Will SVB be able to beat Earl's record. Or do we start a new list?