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    One Pocket Action Match of the year!

    Stupid Question: Are these streams available for replay for a price of course?
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    Predator Bridge and Predator Rack

    That rack will never be used for straight pool.
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    RIP Scott Lee

    Shocked to hear. Scott gave me my only 1 on 1 lesson I ever had. He left me with videos and reading material from the lesson. Great instructor, great person to deal with, He will be sorely missed. RIP Scott
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    Zuckerberg's pool table

    Clearly not a serious player.
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    Sold Pre-Flag Master's Tan chalk

    72 Pieces Pre Flag Master's chalk, excellent condition.
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    test 3

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    test #2

    just once
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    MEZZ Mi2 cue

    Does it take a Mezz extension? Is it new, slightly used, overall condition please?
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    Diamond Pocket Problems and Black Marks...again

    As an 12 year owner of a Diamond table who has tired the alcohol route followed by neets foot oil, I will say that I am still getting some black marks. Removing the dye with alcohol does help but IMHO the only way to resolve this problem completely is to change the pockets to the synthetic...
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    What the F is going on here?

    I am surprised at all the comments my OP has generated. But I will go back to my original contention. You cannot tell me that cornhole is more interesting or is a more skilled game/sport than pool. The nuances in pool shot making are off the charts, while in cornhole it is basically one shot...
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    What the F is going on here?

    I just turn on ESPN. The premier sport channel, and I am looking at a freaking Cornhole Championship. How the F can this be on and we cannot get a pool match on TV, This cornhole is about as exciting to watch as watching a turtle crossing a road. Surely a pool match of any kind has to be more...
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    Predator Arcos II Balls

    I still say...."get rid of the logo" on the ball. Keep it clean. keep it simple. Don't need the distraction.
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    What is the best pool table?

    Do many of the GC lovers just like GCs because that is what has been the Gold Standard for decades? Even though Diamonds have been around for some time, they still may just be considered a "kid." When we say a table plays better, are we saying the table plays like I how I am used to it...
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    Search function not working

    I am sure this has been discussed, but I can't do a search on this subject or anything else. After I submit a search criteria, I am given listings that cannot be reached and given an "Oops message'"
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    Diamond league vs pro cut pockets for 9ft pro am

    An important point made here. It's how they enlarge the pockets is the question . The angles need to be correct. I had my Diamond only slightly enlarged to 4 5/8 and I feel sometimes that the balls may rattle a bit more than they should.