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    Is taper roll acceptable?

    With a shaft that’s a credit card off I won’t argue that. Grab a really warped house cue and I completely disagree. I’ve tried to play with some real bananas!
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    Is taper roll acceptable?

    I was shooting with my playing cue and thought I noticed it moving in the fingers of my bridge. I rolled it on the table and the tip rose up about a credit card. There’s no way I would play as accurate with that as I would with a straight cue. Some may disagree but fact for me. If the tip is...
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    Congratulations, Girlwon1 (Tina Pawloski Malm) - 2022 SBE Women’s Open Champion

    Looks like you made the top 64. Congrats!
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    C/F shaft and what not to do!

    Now I’m hungry!!
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    C/F shaft and what not to do!

    Homemade corn bread? I must have missed an invite!
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    Good players using TAD cues?

    So whaddya think ?
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    Good players using TAD cues?

    Doesn’t look like he got in trouble for illegally importing ivory.
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    8ball wwyd

    Hard to tell from the picture but I think I’d play the 7 in the side with follow with a little right and try to hit the high side of the 11 pushing the cue into the 5. I wouldn’t hit it hard.
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    All-natural cues - does anyone make them?

    We really didn’t need that visual Murray. 4 inches away is still pretty close🤣
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    Warped Shaft

    Weren’t those shafts laminated? I can’t imagine the glue would hold up to steam.
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    Wood shafts ?

    Lol. I don’t take orders and build just for myself. I did make a cue for a good friend’s birthday but that only took 5 years😂. It was a gift from his wife.
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    Wood shafts ?

    Lol! While I make a decent shaft, I was really being a smart ass to very subjective question! I’m so slow that I started a cue over 15 years ago and just finished it up last month!
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    Wood shafts ?

    I do.
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    April "Caption This" photo

    This certainly won’t win but that 💯 looks like hold on I gotta let one rip first!
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    tips sometime fall off

    I used to hold the shaft tip side down against scrap wood and trim pushing downward with a razor knife. Once I had it close I’d mask the ferrule put it on my drill with an arbor and sand it as close as I could . I had very good results but it took some work.