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    Just asked to have both my accounts deleted

    Russ Chewning/ShortBusRuss here. I just sent the below PM to Mr. Wilson. Just saying goodbye to all the good peeps on here, and a big F U to trentfromtoledo, who polluted no less than half of the threads I saw on the Mechanics forum. I like most of the peeps on here.. Come say Hi to me if you...
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    Who makes custom wood joint protectors?

    I actually seem to remember there being someone in the Tacoma, WA area that made all sort of fancy wood joint protectors, some with Inlays, but cannot for the life of me remember who It was. There is nothing like this at DCC, and I cannot find the guy on Ebay any more. Anyone know? Thanks...
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    Any tight tables in Honolulu?

    Here for another week, and I have been to Hawaiin Brian's, and it is as others have said. All but one table is in poor condition,and all are huge pockets. Any Azer's know of any tight tables here in Honolulu, either public or private? Pool scene is pretty pathetic here for being Rodney Morris's...
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    Tight practice tables in D.C./Arlington, Va. area?

    Trying to get lots of practice in leading up to DCC. Anyone know if there are any Pro Cut Diamonds or tight Gold Crowns in this area? Thanks, Short Bus Sent from my PC36100 using Tapatalk 2
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    What's up with Hard Times - Bellflower?

    I look on Google, can't find the hours to the place. I look on Facebook, can't find the hours to the place. I drive from the airport and stop by Bellflower to see if the hours are posted on the door. Nope. Place looks like it is out of business, but I know it's not, because I hung out at Hard...
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    Kevin Trudeau hawking more books on TV...

    On some sort of informercial that makes it look like he is on QVC. Free Money "They" don't want you to know about.. He makes a plea covered as a joke as the commercial is wrapping up.. "Hurry up and buy my book before the government takes it off the air." A hah hah hah... The funny part is...
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    DCC Trip so far

    First of all, I went to the Music City Open in Nashville at JOBs as a lead up tourney to DCC, and also because I have family in TN that I was visiting. Got to see a lot of awesome barbox pool, that is for sure.. Saw a few players I had never heard of before, such as Josh O'Neal, Robert Frost...
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    I just made my hotel reservations

    Jan 20-28.. Offer is still open if anyone is looking to split a room. It is wifey and I that are coming, but we expect to only use the room to pass out every 36 hours or so... :-) Recently lost my job, and can technically afford it off savings, but it would be helpful to not have to lay out the...
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    Looking to split a room at DCC

    I recently lost my job, but I still have some savings, and wifey definitely wants to go to DCC. I am looking to share a room with 1 or 2 more trustworthy people to minimize the impact of the trip on our savings. We are planning on doing the full 9 day deal, and will be checking out the day...
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    Anyone heard from AnitoKid?

    Trying to get in contact with AnitoKid reference a business transaction, and I have not been able to reach him on FaceBook or by any other method.. Hope he is okay.. He hasn't posted to AZ in almost two months.. Anyone who has contact with him in the Phillipines, can you PM me if you are...
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    Florida Tourneys?

    Wondering why I have not been seeing many Florida tourneys pop up in the announcements.. There was an event last weekend at Capone's I believe, but it never showed up here.. What gives? I have been practicing, waiting for an event to come up anywhere within 200-250 miles of Tampa area, but no...
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    WWTT 9 foot Diamond Pro/Am for 7 foot Pro/Am - Central Florida

    Want to Trade my 9 foot Diamond Pro/Am for your 7 foot Pro/Am +$500. Feel free to pass this offer on to any of the pool halls in your area that have 7 foot Pro/Ams. I want to downsize and put in an arcade game, plus I just don't play enough to be able to keep up my 9 foot fundamentals... :-)...
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    Looking to trade 9 foot Diamond for 7 foot Diamond - Central Florida

    We are really trying to clear out some space in our game room, and I don't want to totally drop pool, so.. Want to trade a 9 foot Diamond Pro/Am for a 7 foot Diamond Pro/Am, or whatever it is they call the commercial 7 footer. This is a great deal for anyne who wants to upgrade on the cheap...
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    Accu Stats DVDs for sale

    Here is what I have so far from people who have contacted me by PM. Those that offered to buy them all, sorry, but I didn't want to make the others wait, and I responded to those PMs but did not get confirmation. Those who have requested these titles, please PayPal payment (+$2.50 shipping for...
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    Weak eye candy!

    Plenty of eye candy here in this video... Not too much cue power, unfortunately.. :-( Russ