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    Pensacola pool scene

    looking for any old school pool rooms in Pensacola? thx guys.
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    Requesting info about Panama City beach pool scene

    Likely to relocate late this year after 40 years in facilities’ maintenance career. only must haves are a city with a few different pool room options. b level player-just wanna decent place to catch an Uber and play couple 3 evenings a week. any thoughts appreciated 57 year old single male...
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    Weather check............

    southcentral Kentucky 28, cold wind, wintry mix through Tuesday. Puke!
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    Billy Thorpe gone wild!

    Last nite
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    Fight in Denver !

    Nothing major. Typical bar fight over racking lotta cussing bout it.
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    Meucci Cues or Meucci Shafts ???

    Yak. Yak. Yak. How bout u and fauci try inserting some of that science in the #e3124#
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    Meucci Cues or Meucci Shafts ???

    Agree and well said. The pre dot meucci shafts which I call “whippy “ can make a cue ball dance even with a stroke that’s not so great.
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    Is the National Billiards League legit, or a scam?

    Agree. the info said clearly top 8 finishers paid. Lots of people inquired about where the money would come from and he wrote paragraphs to explain. I’m sure he will explain soon.
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    Any Corey Justin updates

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    Two new Covid vaccines to get us back in pool

    Ever consider that maybe YOU are the one that don’t get it? No disrespect intended, but certainly we have a problem. Peace
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    How to Increase Play/All Levels

    I bet they don’t. Then let em stay broke.
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    Southeast Houston Players

    Understand the original posters intent. I am a lifelong lover of the game-didn’t play for 30 years-just restarted early this year. i have a small valley in a private home 20 miles south of bowling green ky on i65 and also am looking for a sparring partner 2 or 3 nites a week. ‘it’s amazing...