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    Sold Black It's George 2x4 cue case

    I'll take it if still available
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    The Runde 99 was owned by my good friend barryc on this forum, who sadly passed away a few years ago. Barry owned about 20 Runde's and this particular cue played better than most of the others. The balance, as you mentioned was weighted dead neutral around 19.5 oz. as I recall. He let me play...
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    Does a Firmer Grip Maximize or Diminish Feel and Touch for the Cueball?

    That's not what I am saying at all. I would not call Bustimante or Reyes timid, and they both hold the cue losely/lightly. The have what I consider a power game but with lightness, finesse, and touch. There is nothing timid about their games. I think you confuse my idea of a loose/light grip as...
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    Does a Firmer Grip Maximize or Diminish Feel and Touch for the Cueball?

    Gripping anything tightly/firmly equates to tension, imo. Tension creates restrictions by opposing muscle groups. Try playing Tennis, Golf, or Baseball with a tight grip and see how far you get. I must admit that my favorite player Buddy Hall seems to have a death grip on the cue. I would...
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    Any idea on cue maker?

    Eddie Anderson cue. There are pictures of this very cue on web.....
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    WTB: Skip Weston player

    Looking for a Skip Weston over 19.2oz. not too fancy. Have trade bait as well.
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    cuesmith (Chris Hightower) inlay machine

    Advertising on behalf of a friend who does not have an AZ account. I will vouch for him in any sale. One year old Chris Hightower Inlay machine for sale. The sale includes the complete inlay machine, as well as 7 inlay plates/patterns (Originally $100 each). This unit was only used a...
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    FS: Kikel, wrapless

    Selling for a friend.... 1995 Dave Kikel in very good condition. Stained birdseye maple with 4 ebony points. Radial pin. Both shafts have ivory ferrules and are 12.8mm and 13mm The weight is 19.4 and 19.5 Plastic JP's included Nice solid playing cue w/ nice neutral balance. Drew on...
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    Jim Pierce, bowling alley shaft, workmanship

    My take on the bowling alley shafts that Jim Pierce markets with his cues: Jim Pierce recently made one of his bowling alley shafts for a Mike Wheeler cue that I had him refinish. There has been a lot of hype around that these shafts are "special" or are somehow better than other shafts out...
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    Sloppy and incompetent work by Jim Pierce, poor customer service

    To whom it may concern.... Well I made the mistake of sending a beautiful Mike Wheeler cue to Jim Pierce to have a new shaft made and a refinish to the cue. What should have been a relatively easy task for a competent cue maker turned into a damaged cue for me. This all started almost 4...
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    Call shot 10 ball, rule question

    Can someone clarify the rules for call shot 10 ball? Particularly the version where the incoming player has the option to take the shot, or give the shot back to the player that called a shot and missed. A few misc. questions.... -If you call safe and a ball goes down, does it stay down...
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    one pocket handicap question

    I've been wondering for some time now about a handicap situation. Let's say that the handicap is 12-5. The traditional way of playing this spot is for the player needing 12 to owe 1 ball before the break and essentially play to 11. Is there ever a reason to spot the balls differently?, for...
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    FS: Two Mike Wheeler cues

    Hi all, I have up for sale two Mike Wheeler cues made in 1999. I had planned to keep these, but have other interests now. For those of you who are not familiar with Mike Wheeler, he apprenticed and worked with both Richard Black and Bill Schick. It is my understanding that he worked with...
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    FS: Bob Runde

    For Sale: 2009 Bob Runde. This cue is in excellent condition with minor play on both shafts. One shaft has a very small "taper" wobble when rolled, but will not affect play. The cue plays nice. Runde's workmanship is terrific, this cue is very elegant, without being "overthetop", like some...
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    Final 32 chart...

    Found the final 32...