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    Schmelke (and vendor) review

    Every time I have guests over to play pool, I feel sorta bad unless they bring their own cues. The house cues I got when I bought the table are nice (and were the upgraded two piece jobbies), but aren't nearly as nice as the Mezz I shoot with, or the Adam (Japan-made) Bushka cue I used to use...
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    Cue racks with sharp edges

    I ran a search, but when you search for "cue rack" here, and have a specific question... I got a new cue rack for Christmas. The holes the cues pass through up top are not rounded. I was wondering if anyone has experienced damage to their cues through normal use/placement of the cues into...
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    Zero-X vs. VEPS

    I've seen the reviews for both Tor Lowry's and Dr. Dave's VEPS videos. I'm having trouble deciding between the two. I know both are excellent, but have slightly different styles. I've seen both on You Tube. I have played most of my life, but have never received any formal instruction...
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    So what counts as a long run?

    What I mean is, if I scatter the balls on my table, take ball in hand to begin, and run out, then go into the next rack as normal, does that count? Or do you have to start with a 14 ball rack and a break shot?
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    Mezz EC7 vs. ZZ series

    Apologies, but the search engine came up with bupkis. The ZZ42 and the EC-7 C appear to be awfully similar. I can't detect differences in photos or description. Can anyone who is "in the know" tell me if there's a difference? Thank you.
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    Schmelke vs. Schon/Mezz/Joss, etc.

    I've searched this forum for Schmelke and came up with about 3 pages of threads. Nearly all of them indicate that Schmelke is a good cue "for the money", or as a starter cue, or as a house cue. What I didn't really see, and forgive me if I missed it, was a comparison of Schmelke cues against...
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    Jumping question

    Questions for those who know more than I do: This was on my old cloth, and the result of an attempted jump with a Lucasi jump/break hybrid cue. It has a phenolic tip that spreads out a bit and is likely 14 mm in diameter. (Edit: photo removed due to size and irrelevance.) Is it totally a...
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    I am history's greatest monster.

    I played an intentional foul in order to get my opponent to ultimately get three fouls and lose 18 points. Good, right? Part of the game, right? Yeah. My opponent was my 10 year old daughter. LOL I feel like I kissed Pol Pot on the mouth. Or threw at my son during the Father-Son Little...
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    Burn spots on pool balls?

    Yeah, I had to say "pool balls", because we're all 12 years old inside. I figure if I didn't, someone would tell me not to fall asleep with a cigar in my lap. So I was surprised with a set of Aramith Tournaments today, part of a 1-2 punch that will be completed with new 860HR cloth next week...
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    Super Aramith Pro balls

    SOLD Thanks
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    Table on a tile floor question

    I've had a small carpet under my table in its current position, on an otherwise tile floor. It's been stable, hasn't slipped, and the level has remained good. It's very worn, though, and needs to come out. I don't know if I want to replace it (and run the risk of another carpet fraying at the...
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    Any way to repair a shattered buttcap?

    So, the a$$hole hothead who was shooting with my cue missed an easy shot and slammed the cue down onto the tile floor and produced this damage. There's a crack up to the wrap, and obviously the buttcap is, well, in pieces. The guy who did it is sick to his stomach about ruining this cue. I...
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    Simonis Tour Blue or Green on wooden table?

    I know, another, "Which color cloth?" thread. There are so many similar threads out there, it's like picking fly shit outta pepper. At the risk of being hounded mercilessly, I thought I'd ask. I have a mahogany table in a pool room with maroon walls. I have Championship green on it right...
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    Three piece slat seam separation question

    Apologies if this has been covered before, but my searches didn't seem to turn up anything quite right. I have an AMF Playmaster that was last recovered about 10 years ago. I noticed tonight that I could tell where the seam was for about a 12 inch span, centered right below the head spot...
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    Use of video as a training aid

    I set a camera up to record several racks of straight pool, always starting at a "ball out" break shot and trying to make it through to another rack. The game I was playing isn't all that important, but some of my errors and tendencies stood out like a group of dead nuns in a snow bank. I...