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  • Hey Scott! I seen that you were on yesterday (August 25, 2020 at 10:15 am) but I have yet to hear from you about our deposit. You know, the $1500 we put down on a Gold Crown VI that you had listed on here in May. And when you said you were sick and could not bring the table to us as promised you said you would refund our deposit. We would love to hear from you...well actually we just want our deposit back. Please refund our money the same way you received it. If you need assistance getting the refund to us you have all our contact info, just ask for help. We are not going to just walk away from $1500. You have still been selling tables (Big Easy Pool Tables in Slidell, LA).
    Hey Scott. We have been trying for several weeks now to contact you. You have not responded to our calls, texts, emails, or Facebook. And you have since removed your Facebook page Big Easy Pool Tables. Since you were not able to deliver our Gold Crown VI and matching light, could you please refund our $1500.00 deposit like you promised you would.
    Hey Scott,

    Shipping is $17.95 with $100-200 insurance coverage. If you don't want the extra insurance subtract $1.80. My mailing address is as follows:

    Walt Edmundson
    906 Hwy 8 East
    Vardaman, MS 38878

    Thanks Again
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