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  • i've missed you too, Honey - been slightly "preoccupied". i'd hold onto those Silver Certificates, cause if we switch back to the Gold Standard.... ;)
    They deleted it, apparently it wasn't worthy of being on this site. I just created a new thread about it ranting about why mine was deleted but other threads like the funny gifs thread is still goin.
    If your air jump is still for sale I will be willing to paypal you $110USD for the stick and USPS priority shipping immediately.I live in Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada,and USPS and Canada Post work as the same company.No hidden fees,no border issues,nothing.I have bought/sold all over the US using USPS priority and my rating is 100% as a buyer/seller both on AZ as well as ebay.My name on both is the same and if you read the feedback you will be very impressed.I pay immediately.I did some homework on the price of USPS shipping from your state to me and the price was the same for the lower 48 as it was for me.I am offering an extra $10 just in case.If this works for you send me a message with the email linked to your paypal and you will be payed immediately.I'll follow it up with my mailing address.Just so you know,Winnipeg is a city of 800,000 only an hour north of Minnesota.I have found emails more reliable than az messaging so my email is robcochranemail@yahoo.ca .Thanks.Rob
    Do you still have the Predator Air Jump cue? If so, send me some info on how to pay you. I want this stick. Thanks

    Hey Scott. I hope all is well with you. Happy Holidays. Just come on out to a Tuesday or Thursday tournament and you'll get action and possibly a backer that doesn't even know you!
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