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    Fs $$ brand new robert meucci pro series $$ one of a kind $$ stunning

    For sale bob muecci pro series. Stunning cue. Custom ordered through meucci. 3/8. -10 stainless steel pin medium brown lizard wrap. 20 oz dead straight has never hit a ball. Will let the pictures do the rest. $650.00 shaft 12.75. Medium moori tip will through in kummi chalk ( one...
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    $$ fs $$ schon's, southwest, gus, bluegrass.

    More pictures as requested, check threads for price and more details. Thank you
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    $$ fs robert meucci pro series 5 brand new / with case / awesome deal $$

    Brand new series 5 20 oz one shaft 12.75 has never hit a ball dead straight will include extremely nice soft sided 4x8 black case. Case is brand new. ------------------------------------------ happy birthday america only. $500.00 shipped to your door total retail value $1000.00...
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    Large collection of Richard Harris cues for sale. All cue straight together and apart. All cues in remarkable condition. More pictures to come. Richard no longer is taming orders for cues. If you want a fantastic hitting, future hall of fame cue. Then here you are. Enjoy. Thank...
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    Fs $$$$$$ deal of the day .new bmc cue and case $$$

    $$$$ fs robert meucci pro series / with free case / best deal on az Brand new test it only. Bmc cue. 19.5 oz. Shaft 12.75 Comes with new unknown 4x8 soft case vinyl. Both cue and case perfect and never used. Cue tested on one rack of straight pool only. Hits perfect. Signed by Robert...
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    Fs $$$$les blevins cues - extremely rare and perfect $$$$

    #1 - 8 point in BEM. EBONY BUTT WITH GORGEOUS SILVER RING WORK COA FROM LES. $2100 SHIPPED #2- TULIPWOOD AND BEM - STUNNING $1500 SHIPPED- COA #3 - no points - bacto - southwest style ring work $1000.00 #4 - sneaky Pete - 700 shipped #5 - sneakey - 700 shipped...
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    Fs $$ deal of the day meucci day road agent brand new$$ will not last

    To appease some of my follow AZ members I'm offering a brand new. Not even test hit day road agent - 2 shafts - sorry no joint protectors . Both shafts black dot. Cue is perfect in every way. Period. 19.5 oz 3.6 shafT *** Cue is Gone *** on its way to Georgia These are not easy to...
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    $$$$ fs vintage paul mottey's $$$$ gorgeous

    For sale two very nice vintage motteys. I will let the pictures do the work. Both straight together and apart. Both dead nuts players. Both very, very hard to come by. Priced very fair. #1 ebony and ivory tulipwood joint. piloted Specifications Butt - 15.3 Shafts 3.65 - 12. 47...
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    $$$$$ fs shawn putnam cue $$$ possibly his nicest work $$$

    Spectacular cue in every respect. Absolutely stunning Who better to make a fantastic hitting cue, then a future hall of famer. I will let the pictures do all the work. Definitely the most beautiful cue of his I've ever seen. Striking is putting it lightly...
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    Fs $$$$ sherm adamson $$$ southwest custom tapers .

    FOR SALE EBONY AND TURQUOISE GORGEOUS CUE SHAFTS NEW AND MADE SPECIFICALLY TO MATCH 100% TO A SOUTHWEST TAPER. CUE HITS AMAZING. SWARE YOUR HOLDING A SW also this cue is 60 inches. Specifications Butt - 15.04 Shaft 3.64 - 12.67 Shaft 3.74 - 12.66 Fantastic cue and deal 1650.00...
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    Fs $$$$ rare classic meucci originals $$

    Cue #1 MO10 - GAMBLER 18.19 - 3.85 - 13.34 Shaft #2. 3.99 - 12.68 Shaft #3. 3.83 - 12.14 $1350.00 ********************************* Cue # 2 Larry Hubbert - top of the line - original joint protectors Specifications 15.42 - 3.57 - 13.0 Shaft #2 - 3.92 - 12.83 Price $1600.00...
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    Fs $$$ mike lambros$$ gorgeous bem

    For sale Mike lambros cue. Straight together and apart. Amazing hit. No trades BEM - ULTRA JOINT 2 SPECTACULAR SHAFTS SPECIFICATIONS BUTT - 15.19 SHAFT - 4.02. - 12.85 SHAFT - 4.01 - 12.69 PRICD IS. SOLD ******** PENDING PAYMENT **** THANKS FOR ALL THE GREAT EMAILS. THANKS FOR...
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    Beware of jeremy gore !!!! At it again

    I have 20 bluegrass 14 Blevins 3 southwest 2 motteys 30 schon 20 Trogen Jw's And countless others. Be on the the look out unfortunately again. Jeremy Gore contacted me at 3:00 today via phone, email, and text asking for Runde Schon's. I was in a bit a hurry and all I caught was the name...
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    Fs $$$$ private schon cues too many to list $$$$

    Fs $$$ amazing schon collection - prices posted $$$$ these will not last $$ Take a look at the schon's I have. The collection is very rare and HUGE A TRUE SCHON SUPERFREAK DREAMS OF THIS. IF YOU SEE A CUE YOU LIKE EMAIL ME AT HIGHRUN96@GMAIL.COM %%%%% SPECIAL NOTE: IM TRYING TO MAKE SURE...
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    Fs $$$ mike stacey, and annie o $$$ amazing

    Gorgeous Mike Stacey. Hits awesome. Better then most Stacy's. Just sayin. 6 points in cocobolo. 14.88. - 3.55 , 12.68 $1100.00 . Fantastic price. You must hit with this cue. Very Rare Annie Mayes - hands down the greatest woman cuemaker that's ever lived. Leather wrap - 6 ebony...