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    Sneak peak

    Just a little sneak peak
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    Brazilian Rosewood for sale

    3- 1.5 x 20" pieces of Brazilian Rosewood and one tapered forearm. The middle piece and the one on the right of it are sold. $120 a piece and $60 for the forearm. If you want all of them I'll let it go for $400.
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    Jaisen Cue Case

    Just won a Jaisen 2×4 case. Anyone have any info on them?
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    Tony Sauer Custom

    For your viewing pleasure. This cue is being raffled on my Facebook page if you're interested. Tony Sauer
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    Tony Sauer cue

    I really like how this one turned out.
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    Anyone have any hightower inlay patters, I am going to get them from Chris but figured I'd check here first incase someone was getting rid of some.
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    Taig cnc milling machine

    I have a Taig cnc milling machine for sale. It comes with an upgraded spindle, a computer with VCarve pro software on it and a attachment for cue building. It needs a stepper control box ($450-500). I purchased this from Joh Spitz and just haven't had the time to mess with it or learn it...
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    trim rings

    What size were the old nickel - silver rings that were used on the old Szamboti ' s and Balabushka's? And does anyone have 4 they could sell me? Thank you.
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    Tony Sauer Custom Cue.

    Up for sale, a Tony Sauer custom cue. This cue screams old school. Four point Rosewood into curly maple, Rosewood buttsleeve with 8 Abalone dot inlays. Juma buttcap with brass accent ring. Black phenolic collars with brass rings, piloted brass joint with 3/8-10 SS pin. 19.3oz., 12.5mm shaft...
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    Ivory Scrap?????

    Not sure how much of this is usable if any. I found this in my shop and dont know where if came from. Some good pieces and some small pieces. Might be able to get a ferrule or two out of the big pieces but probably good for inlay slabs. Im not sure how much this is worth so any reasonable...
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    George Bosnians signature.

    Where can I get the George Balabushka decal that Adams use on their cues. I need to refinish one and the signature has a gash in it. Any help would be appreciated.
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    My Newest Cue

    Here's my newest cue out of the shop. Rosewood Titlist with some MOP inlays. Enjoy.
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    My newest one out of the shop

    A nice Oak Titlist for your viewing pleasure.
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    want to buy a used hightower inlay machine.

    Juat like the title says. I saw two of them on here about a month ago but I havent been able to get ahold of either of those two sellers. Does anyone else want to sell one or know someone who does.
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    LTB Elforyn

    I need two inches of Elforyn joint material. Could anyone help me please. Thanks.