Brazilian Rosewood for sale


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3- 1.5 x 20" pieces of Brazilian Rosewood and one tapered forearm. The middle piece and the one on the right of it are sold. $120 a piece and $60 for the forearm. If you want all of them I'll let it go for $400.


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Blue Hog ridr

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Looks much nicer than the Shite that I purchased a few years ago on here.

It was all Hyped up on AZ for weeks.

The BR that I received was tapered to the point of not being usable. And for the pieces that could be cut out, many flaws in it that once cut out, would have made the pieces pretty much unusable.

So, maybe a few pieces for rings or a couple of Butt Sleeves.

But, mostly my fault. I was rather Green and was into buying wood willy nilly.

Basically, it was garbage that no one else wanted. Oh well, at least I know of one person that I will never buy wood from again.

Decent prices on yours also. If I remember, I paid 10 bucks more per piece than you're asking.
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wow that was like 6 or more years ago.....

and worse i had found it and others knew about it....

people got pissed because i ate some of them and didn't even get what i had originally hoped.

we all knew the possible risks...i got burned the worst. so whats the problem again?

like i said i'll just buy them and the sawdust too if you got it


Blue Hog ridr

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Hey, don't worry about it Keeb. I'm not pissed at you specifically, just disappointed.

I could have bought beer with that money is all. That never goes to waste.


Coast to Coast
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Hey, don't worry about it Keeb. I'm not pissed at you specifically, just disappointed.

I could have bought beer with that money is all. That never goes to waste.

well man, i do worrry about stuff like that, chit i worried about it back when i was buying that dog gone wood.....

was just the way i read it maybe but, made me feel like i was or you thought im Eddie freakin Wheat...

I may have had been in a cue shop for some years and had some experience but i was no less green then when it came to buying wood......everyone was/is always sogoood and cool very chit i was just hopin back when that we could just share the love.

But there lies the rub.....i'm sure i could find out who i actuallly bought it from and maybe i can nut check them for everyone becauase i'm sure you weren't (just as i ) the only one that probably had some issues.

if i could do it all over again...

I woud demand the got dam paper work from it, the crate i seeen the pics of it in originally....then if he wouldn't have been a such a chump, and just been honest that hey....some of these blanks are complete TRASH.....i mean many of us if we had known, would have just probably bought a piece to have in a collection as a historical item from A.E.

i swear when i opend that got dam package my dam heart dropped.....i was thrilled, the whole group was thrilled.......and the facepalm i'm sure went well beyond me....

still embarasses the crap out of me.....and every since then....i havent bought a lick of wood from one person, except for Joel......and I have some friends in oregon that pick me up stuff....

i did make a trade with one member here, i wish i could remember who. I gave them a book, they sent me some wood. Never turned it down but man is it great stuff....

which has me thinking now.....

lets get all the guys who bought the rosewood....put our heads together. I got a couple of the blanks that are not spoken for that have large sections of very nice grain.

Those 2 high figure tight grained curled a birdseyed maple square, plus the sunken michigan one......

maybe we can all get together and build a few cues together like we used to pass cues along to try here (not sure if you guys stilll do stuff like that?)

we could build an azcue and put it up for cue of the year or somthing

sine that all happened during the big spill in 2010....maybe Thomas Wayne could do some 4 axis work, inlay the rig......with rosewood blanks shooting out of the bore hole of the drilling derrick lol.

besides the oil joke.....that would be pretty cool i think.....maybe a good way to get something more positive out of thewhole ordeal?

i'd be down for whatever.

best wishes,


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