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  • That sounds amazing and I would of been really interested if I didn't just purchase a cue last night and ordered the new jacoby black to go with it >.< I'll post on the thread i've got one now but thanks anyway
    Hello Sean. I have a pristine Jacoby Eboby and holly cue made in June of 2018. Cue was documented and ID by Jacoby and a custom order. It has 5 white Holly points and 5 holly reverse points black leather wrap, two ultra pro shafts with matching collars and a new revo 12.4 radial shaft. Also have a new Jacoby ebony rear extention that screws into butt cap. Cue and shafts are all in new , pristine condition. If you send me your email or cell number I can send pics and more info. I am also willing to ship. My name is Charlie and my email is cj609@aol.com. My cell is
    718-613-9372. You can also ask about me on this forum and also on Facebook open billiard market. Shoot me a message if I can help. Thanks and good luck.
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