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  • I just recieved the cue yesterday, Thank you and it was a pleasure doing business with you and wouldn't hesitate to do it again.:thumbup: J
    What an absolute pleasure to talk to...a true gentleman! If you're reading this wondering whether to do a deal with Chris, don't hesitate...just my $0.02!!!

    Send me another e-mail. I still have 2 huebler left, a green with delrin joint and 1 1980's with brazillian rosewood and ebony. I also, have a beautiful 1980's 1-butt 1-shaft hard case that paul made. It has a nice polished placcard on the top and extra magnetic plates that you can customize--your name, hustler, whatever you want an engraver to engrave on the placard and apply to the magnetic strip, beautiful case. E-mail me at or call me if you have any other ??? 727-277-9853 thanks. The cues are going to range from 150.00 to 250.00, the case we can haggle on if you are interested in or maybe a group deal if interested.
    A local cuemaker. Nothing crazy. Just added on a black collar. Looks good though.
    Hello Slyfox,

    What is the lowest that you will take for the cue? I've noticed you've had this up for a couple of weeks now and if your price will fit into my budget I'll be more than happy to take it off from you.

    Thanks Sly..
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