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    Steve Mizerak poster

    I am looking for a Steve Mizerak poster or an image that is more than 4 megapixles that I can have made into a poster.
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    any clue what this is?

    a guy I know showed me this cue. i thought I would trt and get some information on this cue. old brass joint. stamped, made in Portugal.
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    OB break cue

    I have an OB break cue in like new condition. If interested PM me with offers, joint protectors
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    looking for a 3/8 10 pin sneaky.

    I am looking for a 3/8 10 pin sneaky that I can put a shaft on. I prefer no wrap. I will consider cue with shaft. looking to stay under $200If you have anything please either post here or pm me. I have paypal.
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    Doc & Eddie's, Albuquerque, NM.

    I will be heading to Doc & Eddie's in Albuquerque tomorrow afternoon. If anyone is in he area and want to play a little one hole hit me up.
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    Pongas Durango Co.?

    Has anyone been to Pongas in Durango Co? Is it worth the 1 hour drive to play there? Im in Farmington Nm and I need a place to play and there is not a table worth playing on closer then Durango. Any info would be great, Thanks
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    Thank you Kolby`s

    I just want to say thank you to the gentleman that was working the counter at Kolby`s in Tempe. Sorry I forgot your name. I walked in, asked for a cheap one pocket game and had one in about 5 minutes. No BS no trying to rob me, a fair game and everyone could not have been more polite. Played...
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    Looking for cheap one hole at Kolby`s in Tempe on Sunday 16th

    I am leaving for NM early Sunday morning, on the way I plan to stop at Kolby`s. I will be there sometime around noon maybe a little later on Sunday the 16th. I was wondering if anyone was up for some cheap one hole. I already hit up fast Lenny but I dont know if he is still in Portland and it...
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    Farmington biliiards?

    Has anyone been to Farmington Billiards in Farmington NM. It has been restored and renamed Bandit Billiards and Bistro. It has been a pool room since 1931. It looks like I might be moving to the area (fingers crossed) so I was wondering if anyone had a heads up on the place. Supposed to have...
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    Aaron Aragon

    For those of you who may have heard the rumor or my friend Aaron Aragon's passing. I just talked to Aaron on the phone. So I am happy to report he is still alive and well.
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    Congrats Oscar

    Just have to say congrats to my friend Oscar Dominguez, what a sick final with Jayson Shaw, Oscar was up 10-3 and Jayson puts a package on him to get to 11-9. Oscar plays one of the sickest safeties I have ever seen on the hill. What a great match. Back to Back. for The Big O.
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    F/S almost new Kamui Chalk

    I am selling my almost new piece of Kamui Chalk for $20 shipped. it is the piece seen in this pic
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    F/S 2 x 4 case

    2 x 4 case for sale you can run these things over. asking $40 Reasonable offers considered.
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    Predator 314.2 for sale

    Predator 314.2 shaft Kamui Clear Black medium tip almost new. 3/8 10 pin Asking $180 shipped concus I will add a twice used piece of Kamui Chalk for an additional $20.
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    Wtb centennial 11 ball

    I have a set of centennials and the only odd ball is the 11 ball. Does anyone have an centennial 11 ball sitting around? If so How much? I need one that is more yellow. The one I have is too white.