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    how would you shoot this shot?

    If that worked for you that's great. At the speed it takes to hold at center table on this shot and hitting center ball I'd be scared to death of CIT +/or a skid. If position is not a factor here I'd be inclined to hit this shot center or slightly above on the vertical axis with a touch of...
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    how would you shoot this shot?

    There's really not much wrong with a kill shot here. I'm assuming you mean what I call a drag shot, because there's really no other way to kill CB speed on that particular shot at that distance. Of course a stop shot kills speed after OB contact but that's not what's desired. Once you realize...
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    how would you shoot this shot?

    Drum roll please. The correct answer finally appears.
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    Happy straight pool day!

    Regarding your highlighted statement above.... the rack in your video made your jaw hit the floor in large part because of the "correctness" of his play. If Thorsten, or Varner, Sigel, Mosconi or whoever, played while adhering strictly to a particular style we'd probably be discussing other...
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    how would you shoot this shot?

    We absolutely need more clearly defined definitions for certain types of shots. Maybe Dr Dave can come to the rescue with a video. I think he already has stuff on different videos but it would be nice to have everything on one video which could be referred to when questions arise. There've been...
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    Question about shooting fast and shooting slow......

    Exactly. If the guys still around you might go back and ask him what he specifically meant by that. Where exactly is the "fast" occurring.
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    Dragon Promotions virtual 14.1

    Unfortunately, despite hundreds of pages on other threads that are specifically about the 626, for some reason it's not enough for Harriman. He's now invading threads that are about totally different subjects and spewing the same old garbage. It gets more and more ridiculous every day.
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    Look up Tom Rossman videos, I think on CSI site. He's got some good stuff about things like that.
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    Template racks in 14.1 taboo...?

    CJ won't care but DH and Radar will definitely be whining.
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    How to Increase Play/All Levels

    If you really want to do something you might consider throwing your support behind what Ed Liddawi is trying to do. It's got a chance of success at least. Regarding the venom, you've obviously never seen Allison when majorly pissed off. There may be a degree of staid restraint to her words...
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    How to Increase Play/All Levels

    I'm not sure what point you're trying to make with the above post. Guess what. It's never going to be fair and there'll always be some trying to take advantage. Hello life. Again, it all depends on your mindset. I probably shouldn't try and speak for Allison but I'd bet this.... Get a bunch...
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    How to Increase Play/All Levels

    In JV's case as well as mine I think we'd rather play even** but we're not exactly bangers. With bangers the race would have to be 27-2 to give them a chance and what kind of tournament format would support that. How would the draws work? Shane draws Bergman and plays even while Shaw draws a...
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    Couple things in your post stood out to me. "- almost always failing to play at the level you know you are capable of playing at for an extended session?" Others have commented on this, I'll just add a couple things. Every pool player that ever played (amateur and pro alike) suffers from...
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    Six ball run out - criticism wanted

    This post makes absolutely no sense to me. It's arrogant and flippant. Fran makes a legitimate point and you treat it as a joke. Could be unintended but seems somewhat pretentious to me but I'm not an instructor.
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    Six ball run out - criticism wanted

    Yes, those and others. On the top diagram moving the 1 a ball width off the rail and going forward 2 rails toward the middle of the long rail to the right of the shooter and then extend it to drop down to the short rail. Yours is good but what I outlined requires more of a stroke. Both need to...