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    The Legendary Pearl to Take On 14.1 Attempts

    So I guess what you're trying to say is that he doesn't know much about playing straight pool. Also, none of your points has anything to do with needing time to adjust to the conditions.
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    The Legendary Pearl to Take On 14.1 Attempts

    Well Texas, when or if you ever learn how to play 14.1, then perhaps, you'll have a better understanding of what I'm getting at. Don't want to sound like DH here but... 480? Earl is one of, if not the greatest, 9ball player who ever lived but his knowledge of 14.1 is rudimentary at best.
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    The Legendary Pearl to Take On 14.1 Attempts

    I haven't been following too closely but at least one person noted that Earl just doesn't know what he's doing when it comes to straight pool. Anyone who knows how to play the game and watches for awhile will agree. I applaud what BC trying to do but he really needs to find somehow to get...
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    Want to learn 3 cushion billiards

    Ask Bill about Carlos Hallon.
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    Not getting any better?!

    That is not shot selection, that is choosing position paths. They are indirectly related but again, is that going to help a player at his level? You want to teach him to write an essay when what he needs is guidance on spelling and forming a legible sentence.
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    Not getting any better?!

    Have you read anything that Tomatoshooter has written? Heres a couple of examples. "I try to play a safe and the CB rolls too far", "When I shoot a shot at the other end of the table I can't keep the CB down there. Do you think his problem is running 5-7 balls but can't get out?
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    Not getting any better?!

    In 8ball, if you want to run out, then shot selection is critical. That however is not the OP's missing ingredient. You need to reach a certain level of proficiency before shot selection starts being a factor. Judging by his descriptions he has many more pressing issues which can't be determined...
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    Common mistakes a lot of average players make.

    Now now, be nice. He does make a nice case, or so they say.
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    Shaw vs Orcollo OmegaTv thread

    You think he's bad listen to Michael Yednak sometime. JJ is tame by comparison.
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    What would you do here?

    On any type of equipment 2 rails provides a larger MOE and easier speed control. JMO. The new poll will be identical. Lead a horse, etc, etc.
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    CTE automatically corrects stroke issues

    This post illustrates why instructing players is so difficult. The subtleties of executing shots and positions can't really be appreciated until one reaches a certain level of knowledge and competence. Knowledge about the physics of the game is readily available (Dr Dave, etc,etc) but the actual...
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    Where is the CB going

    That's a really good one. Sometimes I worry he'll overwhelm the server and crash the site.
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    CTE automatically corrects stroke issues

    Nick Varner is one of the greatest to ever play this game. That being said, if anyone believes he never missed a ball due to a poor stroke then that person is dumb as a stump. No, actually they're even dumber than that.
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    CTE automatically corrects stroke issues

    Seems like an admission that the subconscious recognizes when one is aiming incorrectly. Apparently that's only true for non CTE users? If you aim with CTE then your subconscious keeps quiet and no tweaking ever occurs? When people are concerned with aiming it's rarely on the hangers he shoots...
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    Confusion!.......Spin the Cue ball or Center Cue ball MOSTLY?

    So, if you read this post and then go back to #8 and Cornerman's comments in #10 you'll have pretty much all that needs to be said on this subject.