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    Will Shane ever play Dennis even in One Pocket ?

    I never watch 2 PINOS playing a money match. You will never convince me the outcome isn't rigged.
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    Excuse the request. I got the price.
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    How about a price?
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    Wanted: 4 sets of new Aramith Premium Pool Balls

    Looking to purchase a quantity of 4 new sets of Aramith Premium 2 1/4" Pool balls. Will consider brands other than Aramith, but they must be equivalent in quality, or better, than Aramith Premium. Please offer your absolute best price, including shipping, to Chicago metropolitan area. Send PM...
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    Can you identify this cue?

    Looking to find the cuemaker for this cue trademarked with a "T". Thanks for your help. Speedi
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    Can you identify this cue?

    Looking to find the cuemaker for this cue with a "T" trademark. Thanks for your help. Speedi
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    Chicago area table mechanic recommendation

    Looking to extend rails to tighten pockets on Brunswick Gold Crown. If you have personally used someone and been happy with the outcome, please pm name and contact information. Chicago area. Many thanks for your assistance.
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    Triangles; Custom Designs, Exotic Woods

    Custom designed, exotic wood and domestic wood triangles handmade in my shop. No two designs are the same. The number one priority when designing and manufacturing these triangles is accuracy. Extra time is taken to minimize wood movement. Only kiln dried woods with a minimum moisture content...
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    WTB Aramith Ball Set

    Looking to purchase a full set of Aramith Balls. Used balls are OK as long as they are not nicked or discolored. Please send a pm with photos and price. Thank you. PURCHASED.
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    African blackwood/american holly triangle

    Latest custom triangle from my shop. Exotic African blackwood combined with American holly. Price: $200.00 SOLD Please send a private message should you have a special request for custom triangles.
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    Ferruleless shafts

    I noticed that someone is selling a Black Boar cue with a ferruless shaft. Do any of you know why BlackBoar would make such a shaft? I know the British players use ferruless shafts but they seem to always have a metal band just below the tip to give the end of the shaft some protection. The...
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    Bumper thread size

    Can anyone tell me what the thread size is that fastens the bumper on a Richard Black cue made in 2004? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    Birdseye Maple/Mahogany/Cocobolo Triangle

    Up for sale is a just completed triangle with a stunning birdseye maple exterior and mahogany interior and 6 cocobolo corner splines. As with all my triangles, they are designed for accuracy, longevity and appearance. The thoroughly dried woods are sawed into strips, reversed as laminations and...
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    Sapodilla Chico Zapote Triangle

    Up for sale is this sapodilla chico zapote triangle. It features laminated construction as do all of my triangles for stability and rigidity. The corners are reinforced with purpleheart splines and there are subtle purpleheart accents on all three sides. -Cut outs at each corner for easy...
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    Granadillo/Zebrawood Triangle

    Up for sale is this beautiful granadillo triangle with zebrawood inserts and corner splines. As with all my triangles, laminated construction is used for stability and rigidity. -Cutouts at each corner for easy triangle removal. -Extra hand room for tight racking. -Fits Diamond table triangle...