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  • Sorry, i'm not part of the league and don't know much about it. I do know it one session at one pool hall and now they have 3 or 4 pool halls around doing it, so it's growing but as I said I do not know the answers to your questions. You can check out there site and email them your questions cause I know they will have the answers you need. www.universalpooleague.com
    Hello. My name is Dee Jay Frame. I have been viewing some threads about this new upa league, and am quite interested in this new league. i live in oklahoma city, and apa leagues are running over bca here. i have expressed interest in bringing this league here, but i would like to ask u a few questions if u dont mind. how is the handicap structure, compared to bca and apa? Is this league, in your opinion, a league where people can sandbag like apa and benefit? also, in your area, which league is the most popular? is there an annual tourney like the other leagues offer? also how has this upa league faired in competing with the other well known leagues in your area (bca, apa, acs, etc). any info would be greately appreciated. Thank you for your time.
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