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    Society Billiards in NYC -- taking over Broadway Billiards old space?

    Does anyone know about this new Society Billiards place, that apparently is taking over the old Broadway Billiards space in NYC? There's a placeholder website up now ( as well as a Facebook page that says they're going to have Diamond Pro-Ams, but this is all the...
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    A Question for "A" Players and Above - How to play when not in stroke?

    I have a question for A-players and above (A-players, Shortstops, Opens, Pros, Etc.): When you're in the middle of a set and you're just not quite in stroke, how do you find yourself playing the rest of the set? I sort of figure that if you're conscious about not playing your best, there are a...
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    New YouTube video: Loree Jon Jones with David Brennar!

    Found this little gem this morning. My apologies if it's been posted already. Look at all that hair!
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    Visiting New Orleans! Anyone care to shoot a few?

    I'll be in New Orleans from August 3 - 17. If anyone's in the area (you know who you are!) I'd love to hit a few with some locals. I'm headed down for work, so will only have evening hours and weekends free. I will be working / staying around St. Charles and Canal Street. Anyone up for cheap...
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    Hawaii - Big Island Pool Halls

    Hi- I'm going to Hawaii from the 20th - 20th. I'll be on the Kona side of the big island, but will probably make a few trips out to Hilo. Does anyone know of any pool halls on the Big Island? I'll be staying in Captain Cook, so anything near Kailua-Kona would be nice.
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    It's Friday... Photoshop this picture!

    let's see what the creative brilliance of AZB comes up with. Here's my first attempt. More to come!
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    Attention NYC Pool players!

    With the demise of Broadway Billiards, SoHo Billiards has become haven to the B'way orphans. George (Parica) has started organizing weekly 9-ball tournaments on Tuesdays, and I'm trying to spread the word so that people start showing up. There is free practice at 7:00pm. $35 entry fee (green...
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    Photoshop this picture

    I think we need another thread where you MS Paint (hah!) and Photoshop wizards do your magic. Vette, let's see what you can come up with!
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    Quitting Smoking and Its Effect On One's Pool Game...

    I'm quitting smoking, and I'm all agitated and fidgety after a few days without the nicotine. Any helpful suggestions from those who have quit, to remain calm and loose? I had a few practice sets with a teammate, and beat him 7-1, 7-2, 7-4. Despite the wins, and a few great break and runs...
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    Need to re-tip my cue ASAP - NYC

    Anyone know when Danny Barouty is at ABC doing cue / shaft work? My tip needs replacing and I need it done by this Sunday. Any ABC kids know his schedule? Alternatively, anyone know someplace other than Masters where I can get this done soon? Many thanks!
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    R.I.P. - Broadway Billiards in NYC

    It's with a heavy heart that I have to let everyone know that Broadway Billiards at 10 E. 21st Street, in NYC, is going to be closing its doors tomorrow evening. They'll be open tomorrow, but it's unknown for how late. Tables (Gold Crowns) are being sold for $500 for anyone interested. Due to...
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    Take two weeks off... then quit. Who said this?

    This is a pretty famous piece of advice for those struggling at pool. I've heard it attributed to different people, but does anyone know the origin of who coined it or said it first? Or who made it famous?
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    Semi Final Matches at the 14.1 WCs

    Tomorrow's matches are as follows: The Busta plays The Girl. El Nino versus The Terminator. Play starts at noon. Finals to be played at 6pm.
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    New 14.1 Thread. Updates on Ortmann/Jasmin and Hohmann/Van den Berg

    Ortmann with a tough shot after a Jasmin safe. He's down 36-99. He's eyeing a dead ball in the stack. Nick VDB running out. Down 92-80.
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    Amazing from WPC 2007! Reyes vs Kaplan shot!

    I tried searching to see if this was posted, and couldn't find anything. My apologies if it's been discussed already. This may be one of the most unbelievable series of shots on the 8-ball I've seen, certainly at the World Championships.