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    Cool Stuff From Old National Billiard News

    A buddy of mine was cleaning out some stuff from his house and stumbled upon a stack of old National Billiard News papers from the 70s. I read through them and thought they were extremely cool. I was born in 83 and didn't start playing pool until about 95 so all of the stuff in these articles is...
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    Pool History Question: The Invention of 8 Ball

    I've always been a big history buff in general, and I like being able to look into the history of pool as a part of that. It's difficult because I don't think there has always been great record keeping in pool for a variety of reasons, and a lot of the history seems to be passed down in...
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    AudioVideo Web on Mobile Displaying File Not Found

    I was wondering if any of you have had this issue and how to fix it if so. Whenever I log in to view one of my streams on my Android phone in AV Web I hit launch player and when the player comes up I hit play, and the first several times I do it I get an error message saying "file not found"...
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    DCC Straight Pool Thread

    Some may not even kniw much about it, but the George Fels Memorial Straight Pool Challenge at the Derby has built quite a reputation for itself over the last few years. There is quite a bit of added money, and the players are really showing up and making some high runs. Dennis Orcullo has had...
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    Weather for 2017 DCC

    Being that the tournament is held in late January in Indiana it's no surprise that the weather can often times be pretty hairy for anyone traveling or thinking about traveling to the DCC. However, if you've ever thought about coming, but have been put off by the weather the forecast is looking...
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    Very Cool Old Video on YouTube

    I know not everyone on here is into 14.1, but I figure if I posted this in the 14.1 forum it was likely that those guys had already seen this and no one else would notice. This is too cool for that. On Dennis Walsh's YouTube channel there is this video of Irving Crane playing in a World 14.1...
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    The BBC Producing An American Pool Show

    Here is a screen shot of a post from the BCA's facebook account.
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    DudePerfect teams with Venom for some trick shots

    I don't know how many of you have heard of DudePerfect, but based on this site's demographics probably not many. They are a group of guys that make youtube vids of them doing trickshots in all types of sports like basketball and archery. For their latest video they teamed up with Florian Venom...
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    Table Shelf Depth on a 10 Footer

    In the 10 ft table thread the other day I brought up that I frequently practice on a 10 foot converted snooker table. This table has the deepest pocket shelves of any table I've ever played on including Diamonds. Here are a couple of pictures showing the pockets with a regulation 2 1/4" red...
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    how are ya'll doing in league ?

    I'll write a writeup of my Tuesday VNEA league tomorrow. T'was kind of interesting. Just dont want to type that much on my phone.
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    2014 China Open Matches on Youtube

    GeniePool14 just posted a bunch of high video quality matches from this year's China Open. A lot of probably didn't get to watch the stream due to time difference or trouble/reluctance in accessing the stream from a Chinese website. I remember during and shortly after the event seeing some of...
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    My New OB Lift came missing a bumper

    My wife got me a new OB Lift jump cue for my birthday. First of all I want to say the thing performs like a dream. It jumps easily with a lot of control. It's going to be a big asset in league matches. However, when I opened the package from Seyberts I noticed a rip in the plastic bag...
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    If You Haven't Listened to ABR You Need To

    If you guys aren't listening to American Billiard Radio on a weekly basis you're really missing out. When it first started I thought there were some segments that were better than others, but in the last few weeks the show has really come into it's own. Mark Cantrill's interview with Darren...
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    American 14.1 Championship Stream?

    I think the American (formerly Maryland) 14.1 Championship is this weekend as I've seen a few players saying they were going to play in it. I know it has been streamed before, but I haven't seen anything about it this year. Anyone know if it is or not?
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    From the extremely obscure pool youtube videos department....

    I give you Jim Rempe and Oliver Ortmann playing snooker and 8 ball on Australian tv with Mike Massey doing commentary. Enjoy! Rempe vs Oliver Ortmann: