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  • Hey Brent, I've actually been in the pool hall 4 or 5 times this winter. Since I couldn't get on the golf course today I looked at pool cues on the Internet. Billiard Warehouse had a good review of Schmelke cues - a custom made sneaky for around $150-160, joint, wrap, everything. There is another nice looking one around $250.
    Know anything about the Schmelke cue? It's tempting, but then again, how much do I play? Not much! We'll see.

    Only played once last year. I'm coaching a 4th-6th grade coed basketball team at church, coaching a jr high golf team on south side of Crawfordsville in the Spring and giving golf lessons to any one who wants them all summer. Now I have 2 and soon 3 high school girls who are working on their golf games all winter in heated barns. Maybe this coming Friday afternoon or evening.
    You still around? It's about time to head back to the parlor. I have two cousins in the hospital recovering and had to take my wife to St. Vincent's ER last night. Soon!
    Hey Brent, How you doin? I hope you didn't take it too easy on Carl last night!
    I noticed his stroke looked better than before he went to St. Louis.
    I think the lesson with Scott Lee next week is 1 on 1. I sent him an email this morning to verify.
    My personal email is
    Play well, young man!
    Looking to play some pool today? Let me know. I'll be shooting on home table in Noblesville.
    Practicing? I don't believe in practicing. I'm more of a visualization guy. I probably watched 12 hours of one pocket in the week before you came down.
    sup i live in anderson... you goin to dcc ? im goin do you have a room there i got 1 for next fri. n sat. for sale but at hampton inn
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