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    Full set of cues, case, and an extender

    All sold!!!
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    $500 Added, A/B 9-Ball, March 2nd, Oshkosh WI

    If you're not sure if you're eligible, shoot me a PM!
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    Pechauer P09 - Cheap - Needs Repair

    Here's the shaft. It has a Kamui Black SS on it.
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    Pechauer P09 - Cheap - Needs Repair

    So I got this cue and played with it for one weekend. The next time I went to play with it, I found it cracked near the joint. Not sure how it happened. Sent it to Pechauer and they said it must have been banged on a table to crack like it did. I NEVER hit it on a table or anything. They...
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    Schon R8 - All Original!

    I have an all original, perfect condition, R8 for sale. The cue rolls dead straight, has the original micarta ferrule, derlin butt cap, stitched rings, everything! Asking $1100.
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    Awesome idea to honor Grady

    I just saw the following posted on the Bad Boys Billiard Productions facebook page: Just a thought, but maybe we can get Diamond to name the Derby City ring game after Grady. He ran the ring games many times. The Grady ring game? I think this is an awesome idea and needs to be brought to the...
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    $1,000 GUARANTEED Added 8-ball - April 21st - The Varsity Club - Oshkosh, WI

    Lucasi All American Tour at The Varsity Club in Oshkosh, WI $1,000 guaranteed added no matter how many players 8-ball race to 5 Open to everyone (except pros) Played on 7" Diamond Smart Tables $40 entry (includes green fee and $5 ACS sanction fee) Doors open at 11am, calcutta starts at noon...
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    WTT: McDermott G603

    I have a McDermott G603 ( that I'm looking to trade. Overall the cue is in great condition. It has a leather wrap installed by Steve Lomax at BCAPL Nationals last year. The only thing wrong with the cue is it has two very small nicks in the shaft right...
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    WTB: Break Cue

    Found a cue. Thanks for checking.
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    Is this Marty Herman???

    So this picture has been hanging in my local pool hall for years and nobody has been able to identify the guy in it. Today I looked at it and I thought to myself "Is that Marty f***ing Herman?!?!". So, is it?
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    $1000 Added Guaranteed A/B 9-ball - March 17th - Oshkosh, WI

    There is a typo on the flyer. B players will go to 5 on the loser's side, not 6. If you're not sure if you're eligible to play, please contact myself or westjer on these forums or call The Varsity Club and we will let you know.
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    USBTC All-Around

    Anyone know how the all-around is looking going into the final day?
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    Streaming from Oshkosh, WI!

    Big $2000 added 9-ball tournament today. 118 players including some top names like Gabe Owen, Gary Lutman and Lee Heuwagon. Streaming at
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    Roll Call - 2012

    Just under 90 days away from this years BCAPL Championships. Who's going to be there? What events you playing? How much weight you gonna give me in order to steal my money? I'm flying in the night of the 10th and staying until the 16th. Going 2 and out in the open singles. :thumbup:
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    Streaming Action in Wisconsin In case anyone is interested. 10 ahead bar table 8-ball.