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    Average cost of moving a table

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    1 piece Slate Availability! I wonder how manufacturers are dealing with this??

    1 piece slates are readily available from the overseas slate producers, and the cost is no more than their 3pc counterparts.
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    How to put new insert into slate for rails.

    ...could be quite a project if the inserts are leaded in from the bottom
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    Dead or dying cushion test?

    Connelly has used championship cushion in the past, might have been the Pro-ams that seemed to have a short life span.
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    Proper Way to Transport and Store Slate?

    Either is fine. When I get slates by the container from Italy they are on edge, from Brazil...laid flat. Transported in a P/U truck or van I lay them flat. If your moving and using a box truck I would stand them up and strap to the wall. Storage...either is fine, but vertical takes less apace.
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    Using a dremel

    Stick with the scraper. Dremel will heat the glue and clog up your tooling.
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    Simonis Heads Up

    full rolls...approx 70 yards
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    Gold Crown tune up

    "anchor the bed" is pretty vague. -Are you referring to the frame to the legs, the long frame members to the short frame members, or the slate to the table frame?
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    Machinist Level

    I was hoping to see it live streamed
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    GC rail bolt tightness

    5/32" hex
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    Was my GC3 installed correctly?

    There should be no wrinkles in the cloth at all. Its virtually impossible to recover a side rail and have no folds on the side pocket especially with Simomis fabric without severely distorting the nose of the cushion.
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    Replacing rubber rails ... what adhesive works best ?

    F200 spray contact adhesive
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    Slate flatness...

    You would probably need to contact the companies machining the slates in Italy, Brazil, and China, (or whatever country) to get that answer.
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    Slate flatness...

    As per BCA specifications: Playing Bed: The playing surface must be capable, either by its own strength or a combination of its strength and that of the table baseframe, of maintaining an overall flatness within a tolerance of .020" lengthwise and .010" across the width. Further, this surface...