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  • yes i have one in LA, but for the next couple weeeks I'm in Vegas, then I want to sell it. i'm moving to LA and gonna sell it, right now i'm in the middle of a move so things are a mess. I appologise,

    i still have one gc5 in la. im triple busy until the end of march and will not be in LA so i cant do anything with it until then, if you like at the end of march shoot me a message and i'll make you a great deal on it, i great deal.
    thanks eric
    i get back on the 3rd, i have another deal cooking up that might invlove a GC5 on the 6th,7th or 8th of Jan(i will explane later) :). Let me see what happens and then I will contact you via email and we can sort out the details of the tables, prices, how many I have etc.

    hope you have a great Holiday season, Its snowing in Germany and cold, I have been playing a little here-but the pockets are rather large, but I enjoy easy tables sometimes, I really like the cloth they use here in Germany, I need to find out the brand. It plays like Simonis did 10-12 years ago, no skids. we get somany skids on 860 in the dry vegas area it isnt fun somedays. This cloth is much better. I'll let you know about it.

    yes i have 2 of gc%'s for sale, im in europe until jan 3, i might could make arrangements for one of them. one in la(not set up in the boxes) and one in vegas set up at my house, i can probably get the vegas table to u while im gone, the table in la i cant get to til i'm back
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