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    Jflowers cue Limited edition - Carbon Shaft

    Is sthis cue still Available?
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    McDermott Rely c/f shafts

    I am interested in buying a Rely c/f 12.0 shaft. I have heard that they are whippy. Does anyone have one yet, and is it whippy? Thanks for your response. tp
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    12.4 Radial REVO

    Does anyone have a 12.4mm RADIAL REVO, they would be interested in selling? Cant find a 3/8 x 10, so, a RADIAL would work. Thanks. TAP
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    3\8x10 plugged 12.4 Revo

    Does anyone have a plugged and tapped 3\8x10 12.4 Revo they'd be willing to sell? Love the Revo, but need 3\8 x 10. Let me know. Tap
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    Prevail diamondwood 2 piece break cue

    Prevail conqueror break cue Looking to trade my beautiful PREVAIL DIAMONDWOOD break cue for a 12.4mil REVO UNILOC shaft. This is a two piece, 60 inch solid break cue with a 3/8x10 pin. Weighs 24-25 oz, solid wood, no weight pin, valued at $650.00. If a 12.4 REVO is not for you, let's trade...
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    Bca 8 ball rack

    In Bca 8 ball, rules state that the 8 ball must be in the center of the rack and a stripe and one solid on alternate rear corners. So, my question is- is a HOLLYWOOD RACK (all stripes on one side, and solids on the other a legal rack, as it meets the two requirements? Thanks. TAP
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    Wanted: New/used, in good condition. Predator or OB radial shafts.

    Looking for Z shafts, 314's, OB's for Radial Predator. What have u got, how much? Thanks. TAP
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    Want to buy-1st Gen. Butt end Extension for IKON

    I have PAYPAL CASH available immediately for the purchase of a Predator 1st Gen. Butt-end extension. Must be the one with a "radial type" pin, that will fit a Predator IKON 1,2. Will pay minimum of $60, or lowest price above that.
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    Want to buy - Predator Butt-end Extension kit

    Looking for a Predator Butt-end extension with full kit. Show me what you have and best price. Looking to buy now! TAP
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    Want: Best price -Simonis 860 9 ft with rails

    Let's see the best price available on Simonis 860 for my 9 footer with rail cuts. Tournament Blue - send responses to: "
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    Does anyone out there have an extra "measles" cue ball that would be willing to sell? Been using red circle, but joined league that uses measle ball on 9 foot tables. Need one for practice. Send me a pm. Thanks.
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    Andy cloth

    Does anyone know where to get Andy Cloth for my 9ft Olhausen? Or, what else might be available? Thanks.
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    I have known Jim Pierce for a LOT of years. Most like him, some don't, however, I guess I can be called, "One of his Cronies". No matter what, whenever I ask Jim to make a cue, he has always gone above and beyond what I asked for. I drew out my design in actual size. He did EXACTLY what I...
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    ANDY Billiard Cloth

    I am interested in buying some ANDY cloth for my 9' Olhausen Table. I haven't been able to find it anywhere. Any suggestions? Thanks. TAP
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    Edep12 - attention!!

    Check out "BARON" post of 4/21/14. He has an awesome four-point with burl inlays for sale for about $1,000. This is one hell of a cue, made by Jim Pierce. Can't go wrong with this one. Wow! Good Luck!