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  • Jay,
    Would like to keep your details for a future burnisher order. They look fantastic - great idea!
    i'm a large fan of spades (as in the card suit) actually if you can give me a phone number i can send you the picture of the tattoo i have on my side that i would like it to resemble
    i have lots of canvas left, im a big boy, wide shoulders 243 pounds and good skin. I'll find a spot for ya yo do a little something, i have been a year since Mark outlined this one. I will email you a pic. Glad to hear that biz is picking up.

    hey buddy I had mark do another 10 hours work on my back, I havent been there in 3 or 4 weeks, I'm in Vegas.

    When I get to LA next week I will hope I can get a appt. My skin is holding the ink very very good, some of the tattoo is a year old and it looks new, no blurrring. I'm lucky with that.

    what sucks is the lazer removal of the Lamborghini Bull, i been to 7-8 or more lazer's and its still a tattoo, I think he can cover it now, but one thing the big piece is there forever. Which is great and it will stay clear so the detail will awalys be there. Man Its been a year since I started it this week and I'm like a kid with a toy.

    hope biz picked up for you, its dead on sunset strip, only mark has a full apt book an almost no walk-ins,

    I did a search for sneakypete76 and your profile came up. Bama needs some information on this guy and I was hoping you might be able to shed some light.

    If you have anything, I invite you to deal directly with Joe. If not, please accept my apology for bothering you.
    Thanks for your time, Troy.
    P.S. Your PM box is full.
    jay can you send me your email address to email you the pics....leather that was use on it last was .07mm thick and end caps were 2.6mm thick...i will send you pics when i get email....thanks mickey carroll
    yeah tattoo is exciting, the session the other night hurt beyond anything you can imagine, as you can see the scar there, the surrounding area is 10X sensitive, it itches so bad right now I cant take it. normally tattoo pain is ok-it dosent bother me a bit but down there on the girl, gives regular tattoo pain the 4 out and 9 on the wire going to 11. its that bad.

    i'm very excited about it, i'm going to try and get in again this week, it will be march -may before its finished, Mark is proud of it too, when people he knows come in he says its hand drawn etc. I never say anything I let him enjoy the praise he gets. I really hope he signs it. he has only signed a couple pieces ever. its getting expensive though but its worth it,

    i really hope your doing good,

    i had 7 more hours work done, i will shoot pics today and email them to you,

    I have another 6-8 hour session on the 29th(my B-Day) and hopefully I can pick up a few cancellations this next week. Their biz was good despite the economy until about 8-10 weeks ago, they had one good week in the last 10, now its dead. Mark ofcourse is booked until the world runs out of ink-but his guys(some are top guys Freddy Nergitty etc) are sitting there doing nothing, Mark said its the worst he seen it., funny how they were doing good for so long during the shit storm economy and it dropped off so late.

    They will be fine I'm sure,

    here is my Christmas card for everyone on AZ:

    I hope you have a nice holiday season, I'm out sending my eletronic Christmas Card's* to my old & new friends(some people I really dont even know-yet) on AZB, Happy Holidays!!!! I am in the Christmas spearit this year!!


    *This is your card :D
    that is a great bird, very nice work.

    I wish Mark had a table like yours in his shop, I would buy him a Diamond barbox if I was still making $$$, he dosent have room for a bigger table.

    I love the old B-Wicks, I have a mint Centennial but its not set up, Its been covered 2 times and the slates have the origonal backer boards so we can tell that by looking at the staples. I play on a GC5, I perfer the GC rails to the centennial because on the old boxes they are flat, I like the downward angle on GC's. I shoot real strong off the rail(compaired to my speed) It dosent bother me to be frozen like it does some guys.

    I'd love to see your shop sometime. you going to the Derby?

    Mark Mahony in LA is doing the tattoo at his joint "Shamrock Social Club" He has a barbox in there and it's open so its free pool, I gave him a couple decent cues and a set of balls. If I was still making $ I'd buy him a Diamond barbox.

    I'm in Vegas tonight I will be here through the M-Cup, JA's family is staying with us so it will be a fun week, on monday next week I'm going to LA and if I get lucky I might get more time if there is a cancellation, my house in LA is 10 mins from Marks shop.

    i took new pics today, now that the redness went away, he spent 7 hours on the viking guy and it was raw, toughest session I ever had, he has real light hands, no blood. He uses everything mag 5's 7's and other stuff i cant remember.
    took some pics today of my tattoo, I will email you 2 real soon, I have a full night appointment on the 17th, and a lazer the next day. my skin holds ink real good and the lazer is taking forever. I need the space-were going to put viking ships in the background. funny thing I never show it to anyone, I just send emails of it to about 4 or 5 friends, most of my friends dont even know I did it.

    Hope you have been good,

    take care



    your leather tooling is fantastic, wow.

    are you a tattoo artist? i think you are, i'd like to show you mine, its a work in progress. I thought you might like it.

    pup the good work on the case(S), your truely gifted and also paid your dues.



    If you don't have any luck selling the cues and case as a package, would you be interested in selling just the case?

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