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  • well, i have a schon bw-4 cue, 19.5oz. original shaft is 12mm, 30 inches, and has a milk dud tip. the second shaft is an ob-2, 11.75mm with a lepro tip, and 29 inches. third shaft is a pioneer shaft, 12.5 mm, 30 inches, with a apus laminated tip. the info for a pioneer shaft can be found on the prather webpage. it is very similar to a predator shaft. cue is in great condition.

    i have a few questions about the bludworth. what year was this cue made? also, was it donald that made the cue?

    here in midwest city, oklahoma (a suburb of okc), there is a 9ball tourney at jamaica joes starting saturday. player auction begins at 11am. race to 9 on both sides. $50 entry, $2500 added, 100 percent payback. 1st is $1800, and payout is based on 64 players. if u r interested in playing, give me a call and i will meet u here to check out the cue, or we can figure out the details. 405-570-0339. thank you for your time.
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