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    Brand new Diamond table marking balls

    Mine does that as well. If you hit balls hard into the pockets, they get dirty. I did contact them about it and there wasn't really an easy solution. -td
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    Eddie Robin -- Position Play in 3-Cushion Billiards

    I’ll take this one, bob. Will pm you. -td
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    LED Light

    Depending on your budget, you have a lot of options. I highly recommend Littman lights. Predator has that crazy arena light as well. And there are a few other simple panel solutions. -td
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Like it was meant to be...
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    Watch Efren Shoot 1000

    Good watch every time. A couple fortunate rolls never hurt the GOAT! -td
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    I missed the 36th ball. Wasn’t even a hard shot. Ha! Will give it another go soon!
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    Beat my draw!

    Close on shot 2... -td
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    Beat my draw!

    I need a trick-shot/luck roll to get to the 3rd rail. ha! -td
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    How Wide Is A Row Of Beads

    My beads are just about 32" per color. ~64" total. I use an 8' section for them to slide both directions. I mounted with turn buckles on both sides. -td
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    What device are you using for shooting video? If a phone of some manner, this one works well. [tripod with gooseneck]
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    What is Pool’s Equivalent of a Hole-In-One in Golf?

    Maybe 147? Or 626. (Ha!) That’s all I can think of. -td
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    Southeast Houston Players

    I'm in Pearland. I know you were close by a while back, but don't know if you've relocated. I'm about a mile or so from round about [McHard/Pearland Pkwy]. I'm pretty pressed for time with work and kids, but I shoot as much pool as I can here at home. Don't make it to the pool hall much...
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    Inside Pool Magazine -- eight issues needed

    Bob, I looked in my stash and don't have those issues any longer. As it turns out I purged much of my magazines long ago. But, for some reason, I have a handful of fairly old ones [1987 and 1993], which are in OK condition. Not great, but OK. I also have 2 unopened magazines -> which I...
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    Better stroke seems to have led to less effective force follow

    +1 with BBB. Hit higher. Raise your bridge up usually works. Also, get your phone and take a video from the side. You'll be able to see how much room you have to go "up" on the cue ball. -td
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    626 is it legit?

    It's interesting that you respond multiple time to the same post - apparently you needed extra time to respond. I know a lot of folks that need to get another word in on the same point. I still find it amusing that you continue to underscore my point regarding the way of the world. Also...