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    Any JB Butterfly Reviews?

    Awesome, thanks for the link to the review. Look forward to hearing what you think as well.
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    Any JB Butterfly Reviews?

    Hey, so I was looking for a review of the JB Butterfly Ruggeds specifically. I know the interior is different so I wasn't sure what people thought of them. If anyone can comment that has one let me know how they are. Thanks.
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    Best Glove

    Randomly found this and thought I'd comment. I like Barracuda and 3 Seconds, with 3 Seconds being my favorite.
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    What Is The Most Over Rated Cue?

    The Southwest satin I hit with felt fantastic to me. I happen to also like Schon. I would say the most overrated products are Predator as well. 100% Subjective and people can spend their money how they wish I suppose.
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    Carbon vs Wood Jumper

    So, I was wondering which is better/easier to jump with? I have tried several jump cues and my favorite is an old Lomax I had with an extra long extension. I am currently about to receive another Lomax jumper with standard measurements, but I am wondering about a carbon fiber jump cue. I...
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    Custom art cases

    Can you do this on a rugged butterfly or just the regular rugged?
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    Lucky Day today….new Hercek

    Only gambler I've really liked, amazing.
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    Red Burl Handle

    What a sweet cue.
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    Do you have cues you like best of makers you own currently? Favorates

    Currently have a Schon, Lew Stone, and Viking. I play with the Schon. The Lew Stone is custom but not high quality custom. I'm excited I'm getting my first custom in a PFD soon and maybe having a Tonkin made as well.
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    Sold Custom JB Leather

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    Sold Custom JB Leather

    Hey everyone, This case was completed in April of this year and has been lightly used since I got it. I'm looking to sell because I have had some bills come up that have to be paid. It's Burgundy leather, with snake leather print, and crocodile leather print. All metal is brass. Full custom...
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    Scratches on cue

    I have not tried cue wax, I also don’t wear watches or any sort of jewelry. It’s just so annoying that it happened to my new breaker.
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    Scratches on cue

    So life has been crazy and didn’t get around to taking a picture. The scratches on both breakers look like these in the pictures. More and more keep showing up and it’s only been in the case mostly.
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    Mezz wavy re-tap?

    It’s the pin Paul created, supposedly it’s the tightest fitting joint.