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  • I will play anyone full rack bank pool on a Gold crown anytime anywhere as long as it does not compete with my work. I will even play an all around! Banks, One pocket, straight pool and 9 ball and 3 cushion billiards with anyone. Even today! at nearing the half century mark. I bar nobody! I must say to the man who is so infatuated with me that I am STRAIGHT! You need to find another person of interest... Happily Married 25 years. I work for a living. I have a wonderful life. I hope you find someone of your that shares your lifestyle. :) By the way Efren NEVER won a game that day when we gambled even. Not even in one pocket or bank pool! I beat Cliff Joyner 3 times even. Grady never beat me ever . Thats how I played. Bye
    If that is funny to you that a guy that weighs 100 lbs more than me and is half my age sucker punches me as in the police report that four people signed.. The difference between you and me is that I would Pray for your recovery and that you were okay. Well We all know the mentality you have regarding this issue.
    Him and I have spoken numerous times since and are friends or an Hell; He even bought a cue from me. So you really are ignorant to talk stupid crap with no validity. If you found a job writing fiction you could do well. Guys like you love to cause strife. You sir offer nothing of any intelligence or indicate that you have any knowledge of the sport at all. I bet you are one of the hecklers when Earl plays..You really need a life. (NEWS FLASH JUST IN) By the way. They play pool at the derby! Looking to cause strife may make you miss a match. I will pray that your heart changes for the better. Try watching a match between your gossip column.
    Yup that did happen... I was drunk with Shannon and walked into the womens bathroom and this girl told her boyfriend I followed her in when Shannon was with me when it happened. "Misery loves company" He later said he was sorry as she was drunk herself and he was too. I drank with the guy later. I see all idiots can see is the misfortune of others. Is that really the favorite moment? You have some serious issues.LOLOLOL! People hide behind these computer sites so they think that they can say anything or do anything they please. They can... Not without sounding like a gossiping girl. lol Thats okay though... I have lived with jealous adversaries all my life. You are no different. I laugh at your kind of humor, not with it. lol
    thanks for the rep, i been good except for $$$, I'm 27 months with no income. but were getting close on the websites, then we i will be great. My back still sucks and hurts constantly it seems, once in a while i have zero pain, but only for a day if im lucky once a month,

    take care and stay intouch,

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