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    Open-Letter to AZB

    An open-letter in response to an e-mail to me by AZB Moderator... Dear I have been cut from my side and I can not say anything anymore pertaining to an affiliation I no longer have. I kept quiet as I have decided to resolve things offline than join this word war. There are...
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    Nicely-Figured Ashwood JC

    A Bebot Custom Cue.
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    Wrapless PH/Narra Hoppe

    Just a simple break cue from Bebot Custom Cues... Purpleheart and Narra combo with hoppe ring.
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    Ebony-Ivory on 1-pc BEM

    one-piece BEM ebony & ivory points & inlays ebony & ivory ringwork ivory joint ivory buttcap ivory ferrule
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    BEM PJ Steel Cap

    Another good-priced Bebot Bautista Custom Cue... brand new, unchalked BEM (stained gray) forearm & buttsleeve steel joint & buttcap black leather wrap quick-release ss pin (proprietory) hard rock maple shaft triangle tip (13mm) 58" length +/- 18.75oz weight w/ 1x1 hard case *no JPs...
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    Good-Priced BEM PJ

    a Bebot Bautista Custom Cue... brand new, unchalked. BEM (stained honey) forearm & buttsleeve black linen-based phenolic joint & buttcap black leather wrap ABCDE ringwork 3/8 x 8 modified ss pin hard rock maple shaft triangle tip (13mm) 58" length +/- 18.75oz weight w/ 1x1 hard case *no JPs...
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    Full-Splice Sneaky with Hoppe

    a couple of cues done recently... ----- one by one, we are finishing all orders... tomorrow, we ship out including the ebony pj of one of our members here.
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    Inlaid-Snake Cue

    another cue from Team Bebot... update on a 5-snake design with 600 inlays - cut by hand one-by-one, inlaid by hand one-by-one. white diamonds are all ivory.
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    Ebony/Rosewood JB

    a simple JB cue from Bebot Custom Cues... 5/16 x 14 ss pin quick-release pin (proprietory) thanks for looking. :cool:
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    Chinaman Loves Ivory

    Chinese Man Loves Ivory It's been quite a while since I posted something here... my office work is really keeping me out of the forums nowadays. ------ This cue is for a very nice gentleman from mainland China... Cocobolo and everything white is ivory... this is genuinely handmade... even...
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    Purpleheart PJ

    a 2009 Bebot Custom Cue purpleheart forearm purpleheart buttsleeve 13mm hard rock maple shaft (not in photo) linen-based phenolic joint/buttcap black leather wrap 3/8 x 8 ss pin (modified) 18.75oz weight 58" length *no JPs included condition: very good (cleaned & refinished)...
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    Unique JCs

    Jump Cues by Bebot Custom Cues... hard rock maple handle hi-density hard rock maple shaft polished metal caps black linen-based phenolic ferrule brown linen-based phenolic tip +/- 9.8oz weight condition: brand new *metal caps are not machine-shop by-products. they hare handmade, turned and...
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    RUSH: US$250-shipped 60" BEM PJ

    RUSH Sale... a Bebot Custom plain jane BEM forearm (stained honey) BEM buttsleeve (stained honey) sterling silver /tulipwood ringwork sterling silver/ebony ringwork black leather wrap triangle tip 3/8 x 8 ss pin 19.0oz weight 60" length (30" shaft, 30" butt) joint protectors condition: good...
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    Nice Bocote PJ Extended Wrap

    a Bebot Custom Cue... bocote forearm bocote buttcap black linen-based phenolic joint double german silver ringwork hard rock maple shaft 13mm triangle tip 3/8x8 ss pin (modified) 58" length 19.0oz weight custom JPs condition: brand new (unchalked) US$385 only - shipped to...
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    Total Steal: 6Pt hi-lo PH+Cocobolo+Ebony+Ivory inlays

    another pre-owned Bebot Custom... 6 hi-low cocobolo points; maple veneer purpleheart forearm/buttsleeve cocobolo windows, maple border ivory diamond inlays segmented ebony handle (nice wood figure) phenolic joint/buttcap purpleheart/phenolic ringwork one solid maple shaft (not in photo) 3/8x8...