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    Shooting pool. :Bleh:

    It's become a bit of a bore. What's the deal you figure? I'm just not into it Itseems. I do shoot APA 8-ball. :yawn: just kinda lost interest. But once "league" is over. It's a whole different story. I think I kind of answered my own question.
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    Moving: Denton, Texas

    So I received a job offer out there. I'm from Chicago. I'm kind of excited. I'm ready to head out to Texas. Pros? Cons? Please and thank you.
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    WANTED: The CueShark P.U.P

    I'm looking to buy a CueShark P.U.P If you have one and would like to sell it please send me a PM. The color really doesn't matter to me. Thank You.
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    WANTED: Pre-Flag Masters (Blue)

    I'm looking to buy a few cubes of Masters Pre-Flag (Blue Only) If you'd part with a few cubes(3+) or even a couple(2) please let me know. Thank you
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    So. The Bears, My Favorite team lost today.

    I'm still upset. I'm trying to deal with the loss. So, I thought I'd do something nice... Maybe. Depends on how you look at it. I've seen it done before so I thought I'd give it a shot. I have an older 21 oz. green leaf Dufferin 2 piece cue. With the reverse pin and not in Too bad of shape...
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    PayPal Fees

    Paypal fees are not 4%. They're usually 2.9% + 30¢ If you are sending money to a friend or family member (someone who is not a registered seller), you can opt to pay for the PayPal surcharge yourself. Paypal Fee Table: For receiving transfers under $3000 USD: the fee is 2.9% + $0.30 USD...
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    2x2 cue case

    I'm looking to purchase a 2x2 cue case. Nothing extravagant. So that means nothing over $100. I'll even consider a 1x1. ** I forgot to Add that I'd like a hard case. Square or Oval. ** Please send me PM's so as to not clutter up this section. Thanks again.
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    WTB: SNEAKY PETE or Plain Jane.

    I'm looking to buy a SNEAKY PETE. Four points and/or butterfly. ( $250 MAX. I will pay more depending on what it is) I'd like it to be atleast 19 - 20 oz. Tip dia.12.5mm to no more than 13mm. I'd prefer a wrapless and Wood to Wood. I'd also consider a plain jane. I'm going to use it as a bar...
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    Cue values "up or way down"

    Is the market still bad for reselling cues? Are people still getting BEAT when they sell their cue/s? I'm asking because I have a couple Predators and an Olivier. I'm just wanting to know if they're worth selling right now.
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    LTB: an OB shaft. 1, 2, classic...

    I'm shooting with a 314 right now. I've used a Z shaft before too. I'm wanting something in the Z shaft diameter but am open for anything else. I am not here to waste anyones time. ( it annoys me when people "fish") If I see something I like and the price is right.... Then consider it sold...
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    LP Custom Dufferin Conversion.

    $ SOLD ......SHIPPED Priority 2-3 days. CONUS ONLY I have used this cue for a few racks These are the specs that he listed. (I hope he doesn't mind me using them) 3/8-10 joint pin Brown phenolic collars Straight grain maple forearm Beautifully figured Rosewood lower section black ring above a...
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    For Sale: 1997 Russ Espiritu BEM

    I took this cue in on a trade a couple months ago. I haven't used it so I'm putting it up for sale. I have other cues to shoot with so therefore I'm listing it here AND most importantly have some bills that I need to pay. This was the description given "This is a great playing cue, recently...
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    WTT / WTS - 1/1 Signed Klein Cue.

    UPDATE!!!!!!!!!! I emailed Steve and he confirmed that this is probably 1 of 2 cues in which he has used the elkhorn joint material. He also gave me an idea of what he would sell this cue for today and what he says he thinks it should be sold for. It's made from an old blank from the schmelke...
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    Looking for a Radial pin Shaft. 3/8-8. I was wondering if anyone had one for sale??

    I'm looking to purchase one. I have the Butt ..... minus the shaft. Please let me know if you have one that you may want to sell. :grin:
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    Help identifying this MEUCCI??

    SO I bought this cue a few years ago. I've only shot with it a few times. I don't remember what Series Meucci this is. Can anyone help?? What would I list this as .. if I were to sell it? Thanks In Advance. :thumbup: