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  • There's quite a bit of discussion concerning the fact that players who determine where they are going to strike the cue and then look at the object last don't actually hit the cue ball where they thought they did. My mechanics are pretty good because I've been playing for decades. After I get down and get everything lined up, I look at the cue ball last. It works . . . for me at least. Give it a try.
    olymez, Howdy;

    It's my thought that as the cue moves forward the eye jumps from the CB to the OB
    as the CB rolls towards it. It's what the eyes see last is what the brain registers..
    Aside from the folks that do the 'turn your head' to show off a'la Tom C in CoM.
    That would be the exception for proving the rule kinda thing.
    Thanks for the message.

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