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    Reflections on performance

    Just got back late last night from the 2017 VA state 10-ball. I had a great time although the end result was disappointing. Every time I go to a pool tournament I like to reflect back and learn something valuable. This is just some of my observations. I heard Earl Strickland once describe high...
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    Hit em soft

    After every tournament that I play in I make it a habit to look at what I can learn from the experience. One of the things that I have noticed over time is that good players tend to hit the balls more softly. This may not always be the case but in general good players and professional players...
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    What type of shaft do prefer?

    What type of shaft do you prefer. I thought it might be interesting to see the types of shafts people are playing with.
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    FS: OB Pro Plus Shaft 3/8 X 10

    Picture of the other end...
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    FS: OB Pro Plus Shaft 3/8 X 10

    Sold I am selling an OB Pro Plus shaft. I have only used it for a couple weeks... Almost new condition. 11.75mm shaft, 3/8 X 10 joint treads, Kamui clear super soft tip, solid black joint color, price $185 (shipping included). Great deal on a barely used shaft... They run about $220 new. Let me...
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    PA 9-Ball Tour - Johnstown, PA

    PA 9-Ball Tour - Johnstown, PA May 31st Mully's Billiards in Johnstown PA on May 31st. See attached flyer
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    Poll for your favorite LD shaft

    If you play with a low deflection shaft... What is your favorite? If you choose other, please post your shaft of choice. I am not sure how but I overlooked adding Bob Danielson to the poll. Predator Z2 Predator 314-2 OB-1 OB-2 OB Classic OB Pro Tiger Pro X Katana McDermott Lacasi Bob Danielson...
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    Instroke 2x2 Vinyl Case

    I looked it over good and I did not see any nicks/scuffs on the bottom. I did notice a couple very small pin holes on the side. Other than these small marks, I could not find any other marks. Here is a couple more pics that might help. Thanks, Tom
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    Best Playing Cue You Have Owned

    This is a poll to see what everyone feels is the best playing cue. Feel free to vote for as many as you like. Please base your responses on how a cue plays rather than how nice it looks. Sorry if I did not list your favorite... the forum only allows 25 selections. I went through the forum and...
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    Instroke 2x2 Vinyl Case

    I am selling a used Instroke 2x2 black vinyl case. Asking $100. First person to respond gets it. I will have it mailed to them next day. PM me if interested. Additional pictures are on a post below... scroll down.
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    Natiional Billiard Academy -Baltimore

    Anyone thinking about attending Tom Simpson's 3-day clinic in Baltimore on Sept 15-17th? I am going and thought I would see if anyone else here is going.