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    Seniors One Pocket Tournament 6th Annual

    24 entries now for Seniors tourney with the addition of David Jones from Florida. Only 18 days to get in - 24 confirmed with 5 more expected to enter. Limited to 32. Bogies treats the Seniors great. Going to be a very competitive field.
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    Seniors One Pocket Tournament 6th Annual

    23 entries right now - more unconfirmed. Going to be a great tough tournament.
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    Seniors One Pocket Tournament 6th Annual

    Already 23 entries with 6 pending. EFREN will be there. $3000 added money now.
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    Seniors One Pocket Tournament 6th Annual

    Bogie's Billiards, 3040 FM 3040, Ste 101, Houston, Tx 77073 is hosting the 2021 Seniors One Pocket tourney July 1 - 4th. $200 entry, $2000 added, Race to 4 winners side, race to 3 losers. Players meeting Thursday 7:00. NON-smoking event. Call John Rizzo @ 281-813-3886. Make checks payable...
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    Bogie's Senior OnePocket Tourney 2021

    Confirmed dates for 2021 Seniors One Pocket Tournament. There will be Fireworks in Houston weekend of 4th of July. Players auction will be Thursday around 7:00 pm, July 1st . 7/1 - 7/4/2021. Reserve your spot now and get your plane tickets. There is expected special appearances and...
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    El Toro loco#bulls##the cue and case (not4sale)

    Mike, Please, do not sell this to anyone else. I just have to have it !;) Would $2500 moooove it ? you have my contact info.:p
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    Shootout at Bank Shots...Illinois last night

    Patrick, That's the way most places used to be. And true, the majority of the people everywhere are OK. I sort of got that impression of Chicago when I was there for the MOT at Chris's. First 2 or 3 times Warren and I tried to get to the pool room, I would be winding through the clean and...
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    R.I.P another Gambling legend.

    I think they stood for Restaurant, Billiards and Daquiris. Behind the bar they had like 10 - 12 frozen daquiri machines. Speaking about Lambert's - I played the Milkman there for 500 a game(most I have ever played for - individual game) on the pre-Simonis 9ftr there. You had to really stroke...
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    R.I.P another Gambling legend.

    Flyboy - Jimmy Spears, should have been named Action Jackson. Always in action. I never heard anyone say a bad thing about Flyboy. We are losing to many old players.
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    Slowww site.....

    Might be your computer is slow and full. I bought new computer and this site is very fast on new one compared to old computer. Still have old one in bedroom - can really tell it when I get back on it.
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    About to buy a custom cue, torn between three great cue makers

    No, this is a 2001 year model. The one I sold was a 1980 or 81. At one time I bought about 10 cues from this friend for $200. One was a SW sneaky pete. I sold it for $400. I had forgotten about that. After this cold snap I plan to start going to the pool room at least 3 times a week.(y)
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    Weather check............

    Here in Weatherford, Tx - just outside of Ft Worth - 14 and snowing. Only one time in my life have we had such a cold snap. In 1983 we had 13 days where it did not get above freezing. Lake Worth froze over, remember seeing a Volkswagen out on the ice.. Have 3 inches of snow, expecting it to...
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    About to buy a custom cue, torn between three great cue makers

    I added this to my collection yesterday. It is going to be my player. Had a SW in early 80's - sold it for $700. Best playing cue that i have owned. Hope this cue hits as good.
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    The Driller!

    Sorry to hear this. There is not maybe a handful of people that I have played more pool with. Never had any arguments - just played pool. 9 ball. Gary was a hoot to associate with and just to know. Was a fellow Vietnam vet. We have lost a true pool competitor. What a character. RIP, Gary 🙏
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    Should the live streamer have stopped filming Billy's match when the verbal back-and-forth began?

    JAM, I read in a much earlier post where the camera was left on for the action. No one was manning the camera or commentating. My personal opinion is that Cuetec has every right to terminate their sponsorship. I know that Billy is young and had supposedly been drinking. Hope he learns from...