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  • Jamie
    I am ready to start looking in earnest for a carom table for my home. Have put out feelers but so far no bites. I you hear of something on the market let me know. I have a lot of other questions but will wait until next tournament in Savannah which is Jan 21, 2012 correct. Thanks,
    Dean Harrell, Augusta, GA
    I tried to send this message to you at this address: tiger37373@gmail.com and it came back as an invalid domain name.

    Hello Jamie:
    I hope the name Brent Stembridge is not your choice. I had a 1912
    Brunswick moved from Michigan to my home in Page, Az. I paid $2000 and
    thought I was happy. I traveled during the following summer and
    returned home to find that the two seams had popped up. He used
    beeswax which was negatively affected by the summer temps of 95-100.
    His suggestion was to use a hair dryer and some kind of roller
    (socket) and push the wax down. This resulted in a line on the new
    Simonis across the width of the table. I did not do the other seam.
    It's very difficult to get a table mechanic where I live but I'm still
    Good luck,
    Chris Cross

    ps. I enjoy watching your tournament video's on AZ billiards. It
    doesn't look as if you have too much competition.

    My address is dblcross1@gmail.com
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